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Looking Good!

I’m feeling a little better today about our transfer, which is scheduled for 10:30am tomorrow morning.

Eric called the embryologist and she emailed him back our summary comparing results from our previous and current IVF cycle.

The embryologist explained that 10 of our 12 eggs fertilized, but for whatever reason (which I assume I will google later tonight) 4 fertilized abnormally, leaving us with 6. Our previous cycle did have a higher fertilization rate but obviously fewer overall eggs.

The summary also shows the number of 4-cell embryos on day 2, of which we had 3 this cycle compared to only 1 last cycle, and the number of embryos with more than 7 cells on day 3, which was even greater at 4 this cycle, so one embryo must have actually caught up overnight!

Our embryos aren’t cultured on day 4 (today) they are left in the incubator, so we won’t know any more until tomorrow morning at our transfer. I’m really hoping these 4 stay strong!!

Which brings me to… how many to transfer. I was originally saying 2, thinking twins is better than nothing. But the embryologist highly recommended we only transfer one if our embryos still look this good tomorrow. Keep in mind my clinic is ULTRA CONSERVATIVE, I mean seriously against multiples because of the added risks to moms and babies. I don’t know though, this is such a numbers game, great looking embryos still fail, and awful looking embryos turn into perfectly healthy babies. So, I’m really unsure at this point how many to transfer. I guess we’ll see what they can tell us tomorrow morning and go from there.

Wish us luck!


25 thoughts on “Looking Good!

  1. Best of luck for some very nice looking blastocysts! As for the number of embryos… it’s so tough to decide. Hmm…. I hope that it’ll be a very clear direction for you tomorrow!

    1. I hope so too, I’m anxiously awaiting the final report!

  2. That’s great news!! Praying for an easy procedure tomorrow!! xoxo

  3. all the best for tomorrow’s transfer!! you’ll do great!

  4. Good luck with your transfer!! Thinking and praying for you guys!!!

    1. Thank you, more prayers the better!

  5. Great news! Good luck!

  6. i say go for 2. good luck tomorrow!

    1. I know, I still want 2, but we will see!

  7. Good luck! Thinking happy implantation thoughts for you! 😉

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you’re doing well too!

  8. Thinking of you tomorrow! I may message you on fb sometime soon – I wonder if you’re doing IVF the same place one of my best friends is considering.

    1. Thank you, and feel free to message me!

  9. I hope you have the best transfer day! Lots of luck!

  10. Thinking of you today, good luck!

  11. Thinking of you! Happy baby thoughts today 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I’m excited and nervous!

  12. Good luck!!

  13. Thinking of you! Hope everything went well with the procedure today 🙂

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