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Maybe it’s a little darker. Maybe…


25 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. I think it’s darker 😀

  2. It is totally darker! 🙂

  3. It look darker to me. After this past week, I’d say I’m an expert at analysing those tests. haha

  4. Definitely darker.

  5. It’s darker!!

  6. Yes!!

  7. I agree with everyone else, it’s absolutely darker!

    1. I feel like you all are just saying that, but okay!

      1. Haha, no seriously, you can see a line on 11dpo without shifting from side-to-side or squinting or anything. The 10dpo line is only there because I know where to look. And I think there’s no way that 10dpo line could have pulled a 1-2 weeks result on the CBE.

        1. Ps I just showed the pic to my husband and asked if he saw progression and he instantly said yes. No question about it for him 🙂

          1. You’re awesome! Thank you!!

  8. It does look darker and. . . Don’t put TOO much stock in how dark lines are one day after another. That digital was GOOD news! I’d trust it more than this! !

  9. Totally darker!!! Congrats!!

  10. It’s totally darker!!!!!!

  11. Definitely darker!! Xx

  12. I think it is darker. I can’t even notice it all in the 10 photo, but can def. see it in the 11.

  13. Zero question it’s darker!!!! Woooo hooo!!!

  14. I can see it on the 11 DPO stick! Yay. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  15. I agree with everyone else, it’s DARKER! 🙂

  16. 🙂 I am so happy for all the confirmation in the above comments! Yes it is darker!

  17. Definitely darker!! Woohoo!

  18. I am an expert in this. I have analyzed over 100 of these, I’m sure. It is darker. I would never “just say that”, trust me.

  19. Definitely darker

  20. I couldn’t see anything 10dpo but I definitely see it 11dpo! I think that’s a bfp lady! 😀 x

  21. I can see the darker line on the 11 day test too. 🙂

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