Beta #2 Results

I’m so relieved!  My hcg level this morning was 448, so a doubling time of 36.54 hours!  The nurse told me that’s excellent!

47 thoughts on “Beta #2 Results

  1. Excellent news!! And so you know you aren’t alone….I am ‘that patient’ as well. I called my RE today to just confirm my next steps…had to be sure and I also just wanted to make sure they hadn’t forgotten about me!! Hope you’re feeling well 🙂


  2. Sweet action!!! My first doubling time was eh hem (clearing throat) 87 hours so that is excellent! YAY!!!! And so behind more worrying and stressing my love! Just take time to enjoy these moments (like I totally have…..NOT)
    I am truly happy for you. I wish every blog I followed would go to news like this. ((Hugs)) from Indiana


  3. Yay!!! This is great! Now on to your ultrasound to see that sweet heartbeat! Why does it have to be so far away? Lol. I am so happy for you! Now enjoy your sweet baby and don’t stress. 🙂


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