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Does 4w3d pregnant = bitch?  I seriously feel like everything set me off today.  Allow me to list.  I like lists 🙂

  • My size 4 dress pants from Express, of which I have like 17 pairs, no longer fit.  It can’t be this tiny human who is now the size of only a sesame seed.  I blame the fertility meds.  But what the crap am I going to wear until I can legitimately wear maternity clothes??
  • I found out a co-worker is pregnant, due a month before me.  They’ve been trying all of two months.  And their first ultrasound is the exact date and time of mine, same clinic.  F that.
  • Debbie Downer was ultra-nosy today.  I left for my weekly therapy appointment a few minutes before 9am and of course she asked a co-worker where I went.  As if it is any of her business!  And then she made a point to say hello to me when I returned from my appointment, the second hello of the day.  I assume her attempt to start a conversation and gather information.
  • I received the official letter in the mail today regarding our embryos.  You know, the one that states they will be frozen for two years, at which point the clinic will need a decision from Eric and me as to their future, or in our case, its future, since only one is frozen.  And even though I knew this, seeing the letter, seeing it state, 4 embryos discarded, well, it struck a nerve with me, a sadness, and anger.  I mean, didn’t they truly discard my children?  So I decided to email my clinic.  I feel like I deserve an explanation.  My real question was, why was our 5-day blast rated as good on day 5 disposed?  I understand the other 3 embryos weren’t growing as they should, although I still think maybe they would have had a chance if transferred…  I’ll see how they respond…
  • The photographer will be here in 40 minutes to take marketing pictures for Eric’s practice.  Why again to they have to take them here??  I get the photographer lives in the same city we do, but she is getting paid for this, couldn’t we have picked a location that didn’t require I clean and stress??  Doesn’t she have a studio???
  • And then later tonight Eric is meeting with a colleague to discuss equipment for the practice.  Something else that takes precedence over my time with him…

Is that enough complaining for one day?

6 thoughts on “4w3d

  1. Do the hair band trick with your pants. The bloating is one of the worst parts of early pregnancy, when you are not supposed to look pregnant and yet feel like a balloon!

    1. I might have to try the hair band trick soon!

  2. What’s the hair band trick? I need to know, it’s not acceptable to wear scrub pants everywhere! Lol.

      1. OH! Okay. I’ve seen that before! That is a great idea! I might try it out tonight. Lol.

  3. I felt I was really crabby early on in my pregnancy. I think a lot of mine was fear but I was constantly on edge. The things you listed out would annoy the crap out of me too!

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