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Response from Nurse

My question:

I received the official letter in the mail today documenting our embryos, but I have a question. I know that we transferred the only embryo graded as excellent, and then an expanded blast rated good was frozen, but is there a reason why the blast rated as good wasn’t frozen? Was there a 0% chance a transfer with such would have been successful?

Response from the nurse:

They let the embyos develop to day 6 and only freeze if good quality then. You had a BB Blastocyst and a CC Early Blastocyst embryo that were discarded on day 6. I’m sorry there weren’t more for you to freeze. BUT – congratulations on your positive pregnancy! If you want to discuss your report with one of our embryologists you could call the lab at 319-384-5238. Wish you the best!

This really pisses me off.  She never did tell me there was a 0% chance those could have turned into healthy babies.  From reading others blogs, it seems to me other clinics are a lot more liberal about what they will transfer and freeze.  I truly feel like they discarded perfectly acceptable embryos.

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  1. I would feel that way too! I would call the lab and demand an explaination. You’re paying for all of this, they should go over it all in detail before the DESTROY something that belongs to YOU. You should be the one to decide if you want to take the chance at transferring an embryo that they deem less than perfect!

    1. I know, I’m so upset… But with my husband working here and knowing the embryologist, I feel like I can’t just call and bitch. I just don’t even know what to think. I guess maybe I should have investigated their policies, but this is the only clinic in my state, so coming here wasn’t really a choice as much as just where we figured we’d come for treatment. I do feel like I should have gotten more of choice, but my transfer was day 5 and they let them embryos sit another day until 6, so too late to transfer and according to them not perfect enough to freeze. Sucks.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of this. I hope you get a more detailed answer if you so chose to call the embryologist. Have you heard of Fertility Centers of IL? Here is a link to the IVF portion:
    I’m not sure how their success is, or know much about them, but I think they are the 2nd closest place, and being a in different state maybe they could tell you how or why protocols may vary by clinic. I really hope you get a better explanation! Good luck.

    1. I got a bit more information, which I posted in a separate blog post. I don’t feel any better about the information though. I will certainly be looking for different clinics close to me. Thanks!

  3. That would be frustrating! I know there’s at least one other fertility office in Iowa – the one I went to here in Des Moines. I believe my insurance covered 3 offices in the state but I’d have to double check that. If you want more info about my clinic I would be happy to share with you – just shoot me a message on fb!

    1. I thought the one in Des Moines was an outreach clinic managed by my clinic…

      1. Nope – they are their own independent clinic. No affiliation with anyone else as far as I know.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this.

    As as a side note I was in IC last Monday with my daughter having some testing done and I seriously said a little prayer that the embryo stuck and you continued to stay pregnant. I had not yet had a chance to check out the blog and see what the beta numbers were.

    I too went to the Des Moines clinic. My Dr. was Dr. Cooper. With my fifth pregnancy (the one that resulted in my daughter) Dr. Cooper had just arrived. The clinic is super easy to get to (right off the freeway) and is not an outreach clinic. It has been almost three years (since the twins) that I have had contact with them but I worked with them for several years. I found the clinic to be helpful, understanding and full of information at a time in my life that frankly was VERY difficult with HIGH emotions. I felt like Dr. Cooper was VERY open to my concerns and was willing to take into account research and ideas from other clinics. It might be worth a look? Something to have in your back pocket?

    I believe there is one other clinic in Iowa, also not affiliating with UIHC but I am not certain where that clinic is located.

    1. It is so nice to hear you had good luck with the clinic in Des Moines. I will definitely be researching them for future IVF care!! And my betas were both really good, way better this time than last cycle! I’m 5 weeks today and while still very scared, I’m hopeful too!

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I do appreciate all the feedback I can get these days!

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