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6 weeks tomorrow and already none of my bras or pants fit. And that belly band idea is not gonna work as it’s more my ass and thighs that are too big for my pants. What am I going to do?? And why am I gaining so much weight already???

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  1. So sorry girl. Have you tried the rubber band trick?

    1. Yeah, but I can’t get my pants up over my hips!

      1. πŸ™ it’s time for leggings

        1. I don’t thin leggings are in our work dress code πŸ™

          1. bummer

            1. Tell me about it! I’m so sick of dressing up for work!

  2. This is what I anticipate will happen to me when I finally get pregnant. I saw what happened to my sister during both of her pregnancies. Lol, she was beautiful throughout her pregnancy but gained most of her weight in her first trimester. I normally fluctuate between a size 2-4, but I really only gain weight in my thighs and butt. I feel your pain! I am not even pregnant yet, but I have had to buy all new pants, my fist pairs of size 6 pants and skirts in the last few months. I don’t mind it or really care about the size, I actually like being a little more curvy, but the uncomfortable in between when you can’t fit into anything is brutal! I’m doing IVF this cycle and so all the fall clothes I’ve bought have been stretchy waste, totally comfy, and one size up so I can hopefully get through the first trimester before going into maternity. Just be kind to yourself, try to exercise if that would help you feel better, but don’t worry too much about it. πŸ™‚

    1. But I already feel so fat. I was a size 4, never thought I’d gain so fast πŸ™

      1. I know what you mean, it’s hard to accept as a smaller girl who’s never had to worry about weight too much. The fertility meds did a number on me. I started working out really frequently and even joined a gym after my two IUIs this Spring. My goal was to LOSE 5 pounds (as you know, 5 pounds for a size 2/4 is crucial to fitting into clothes). What was the result? I GAINED 5 lbs. Lol, I was so mad and so frustrated every time I went to get dressed. I think the injectables have something to do with it, because I’m not doing anything else different. Guess I’ve accepted it at this point.

        1. Yes, I gained 10 lbs from my two ivf cycles, so all that on top of this. And I was working out before I was pregnant too, but I was only gaining from that too! I should try to start walking a few miles a day, maybe that would help.

  3. when you’re smaller to start, even the littlest amount of weight will show on a small frame. it’s a pain the ass for your clothing budget i’m sure hahaha but girl, embrace it! you’re growing a little human πŸ™‚ and now you get to go shopping for new clothes! LOL

    1. Haha, true, I’ll look on the bright side, an excuse to shop!

  4. Pregnancy does a lot to your body that you never realized! Don’t worry about what size you are in, that is only a number. I gained most of my weigh in the first trimester. I thought by the way I was packing on the pounds in the beginning I was going to gain a ton, but by the time I delivered I had only gained 20 pounds with both boys. I wore a lot of leggings, super cute and super comfy!!

  5. yup, i think being smaller-framed to start with makes it that much tougher to stay in your regular clothes for too long. just remember, it’s all for a good cause πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I know, I am trying to remember that. And it’s not so much I’m afraid to gain weight, I just want to be healthy and gain what I should, you know.

  6. I’ve decided I’m gonna go ahead and buy some leggings. I tried to get into some jeans yesterday, it didn’t happen. Lol.

  7. Have you weighed yourself? (I realize that sounds scary). I’m having the exact same issue – was a 2 before all the IVFs and a 4 before pregnancy but now I basically can’t wear any of my pants. I weighed myself this morning and I was only up half a pound, so I have to think it is mostly water weight and blood volume, and I have it all over, especially bloated belly, ass and thighs. Obviously like you I am happy to do whatever I can to actually grow this baby, but my concern (which I think is yours) was gaining weight too quickly and being unhealthy in the first trimester, which maybe isn’t the case, at least for today.

    1. I weighted myself this morning, and if I compare to CD1 of this IVF cycle, I’m up 2.6 lbs. I feel like that is way too much since I’m only 6 weeks today. And you’re right, I want to be healthy more than anything, as I realize we have to gain weight πŸ™‚

  8. This is :)!!!!!!!!
    That baby is growing, which is wonderful!!

    Can u find bargains on clothes at a second hand store so you don’t have to spend a lot of money?

    1. I was out and about yesterday, I stopped at Target, but they didn’t have anything that looked remotely like something I want to spend money on. Although I’ll admit, the Target I was at is small. I need to check a few other places this week I think.

      1. I have had good luck at gap, I ordered a TON of stuff online. Sorted through it & returned what I didn’t like. I have one gap store in my area with a maternity section in the back of the baby store. So that is helpful. Other then that I am not in love with any other maternity stuff – I mean other then the stuff at nordstrom that I shouldn’t spend that kind of money on, naturally I love all of that. Good luck!!

        1. HAHA, yes, I’m sure I’d love everything at Nordstrom too!I’ll make a note to peak on the Gap’s website today. I don’t shop there much normally, but maybe I should start!

          1. I actually just pulled up the loft site too, I totally forgot they have maternity. I don’t usually shop at loft, but am desperate for some ‘work’ clothes and there aren’t many options out there that aren’t skinny pants!!

            1. Okay yes, why is EVERYTHING those darn skinny pants? I’m not skinny right now, and have no desire to stuff my legs into such pants!

              1. Right!! Not to mention that the skinny pants do not make someone with my body type look at all skinny! I call it the ice cream cone effect! Yipe!!!

                1. Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of skinny jeans. And I don’t have any shoes that go with them!

  9. Boooo!!!! My pants still “fit” but the thighs are starting to look a tad tight here as well. And sorry for the TMI but if I attempt my Silver jeans it looks like I have a camel toe. THEN midwife says ” maybe you should meet with the nutritionist?” Whuuuhhhhhhh????? 11 weeks and feeling chubber

    1. HAHAHAHA! At least you can get your pants up far enough to have that problem! I weighted myself this morning, and at only 6 weeks I’m already up 2.6 lbs πŸ™

  10. This is totally going to happen to me too, at least as long as I get pregnant πŸ™‚ I am a size 4 right now but because of all the meds over the last 10 months everything is tight. And now I am restricted from exercise too! I just took my dogs on their second 3 mile walk of the day….they must love IVF!

    1. Yes, I know it doesn’t help I gained 10 lbs from all the drugs before this cycle even started. And you will get pregnant, I have faith!

  11. I was shocked how much my ass grew, too. I lost weight with my first (failed) pregnancy and thought that would happen with the second. But nope, healthy pregnancies make me fat! It’s hardest at the beginning when you aren’t “supposed” to have gained weight yet.

    1. Yes, so true. I know I need to gain weight, just scared I’ll gained too much and complicate the pregnancy.

      1. I wouldn’t worry about that. A lot of the weight in the beginning is the bloat plus your bones spreading. That happened super early for me. And the bloat goes away eventually. I gained a good bit weeks 1-17 but only a pound weeks 17-20. You will be fine 😊

  12. I put on six pounds first trimester. A lot of it (I think) is fluid related. I was also eating a lot of pasta because that’s what didn’t make me sick. I seem to have leveled off the last two weeks or so. It’s still a little hot in AZ for leggings (re: stretch pants) and boots weather, but this girl right here is pushing through it and doing it anyway.

    1. 6 lbs huh? I’m on track! I’m up 2.6 lbs at only 6 weeks!

  13. There is a lot of bloating and fluid retention in the first tri for some of us even if your actual weight doesn’t change. You will lose it after this little bun leaves the oven. Meanwhile, please enjoy being pregnant even if it just feels fat right now!

    1. Yes, you’re right, I am trying to enjoy this time. Just scared that I’ll gain too much and complicate the pregnancy somehow, you know. I need to pack up all my pre-IVF, notice I didn’t say pre-pregnancy clothing, and stick them away for once my bundle of joy is born πŸ™‚

  14. I never got to do the belly band either. With the extra 10 lbs from Ivf meds, once the bump started to grow it was straight to maternity jeans.

    1. Yes, I fear I’m there soon. Are the workers going to laugh at me when I go to the maternity store at only 6 weeks??

  15. I wore maternity pants very early on in pregnancy. My nausea was so bad, I couldn’t stand anything snug on my midsection. I didn’t show until 24 weeks or so really (though I was nowhere near a size 4 to start with), but I wore maternity pants from probably 8 weeks or so on. It worked great the first pregnancy. But my second pregnancy the pants were stretched out from late pregnancy, so that was problematic! No one at the stores will know that you are so early on, and no one will laugh at you!

    1. Okay, this makes me feel better. I probably will go this weekend and see what I can find!

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