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7 Week Ultrasound

My 7 week update post from yesterday probably gave some of the details away, but I still wanted to write about Monday’s ultrasound and appointment.

Eric was off Monday, as the VA was closed for Columbus Day, but he was still required to show at 7am for conference at the University. So, we met at the clinic’s check-in, me driving separately. And of course, who was several people back in line to check-in? My coworker N, and his way too perky wife. I saw them right away, but dealing with them was just too much for me, so I ignored them. And of course he noticed, as he later asked another coworker of ours why I was in such a bad mood and didn’t talk to them. I mean really, is he that clueless? Does he have no idea what I’ve been through? Did it never occur to them that maybe I was nervous and not in the chit-chat mood? Especially with someone I despise more than tolerate. So yeah, there was that added stress.

After check-in, which took longer than expected since my ultrasound and appointment were both scheduled at the same time and the receptionist couldn’t quite figure out how to make that work, Eric and I were sent back to waiting room 3. This was the first time I was happy IVF patients have their own waiting room, as I didn’t have to sit near N and his wife!

Waiting room 3 was packed, more so than I’ve ever seen it, but I was called back quickly, less than 10 minutes after being seating. The ultrasound tech was unfamiliar to me, and I was quite saddened. I know most of them now, and most know our story, so I was really hoping for one that remembered we been through this before with a not so happy ending. This girl wasn’t aware of such, although I have to assume it’s written all over my chart, but I’ll give her props, she was very nice and knowledgeable.

Once in the ultrasound room the tech confirmed my conception date (egg retrieval date) of September 8th (my ex-husband’s birthday, awesome). Eric was shown to a seat and I was left to change in the attached bathroom. I’m so familiar now I get my own sheet and such! Sad but true! Back out in the room the tech dimmed the lights and the ultrasound (vaginal, of course) began. One of these days I’ll get a normal one, right???

Remembering back to my ultrasound on June 5th, when we received sad news… The tech that day skipped over my uterus and developing baby that day, first measuring every other structure. Looking back I assume that was because she’d already known there wasn’t a heartbeat and wasn’t quite ready to confirm with us. Because of that experience I was terrified this time when the tech said my uterus was contracting a bit and thus we’d come back to the baby. I mean terrified, as I assumed the same sad news was about to be shared with us. But, just as she stated to measure my ovaries, she pointed out the heartbeat, stating it was beautiful. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of relief that swept over me.

The remainder of the ultrasound is a bit of a blur. I was in awe of the tiny blob with the flickering heartbeat. It was, well is, surreal, I mean, I know it’s inside me, but I still don’t think it’s hit me yet. The tech measured my ovaries, both are still enlarged from the stim meds and thus the lifting restriction is still in place. She explained some of the strange twinges I’ve been feeling are probably a result of their enlarged state, and the cause of my bloating. The fluid around the baby looked good, and the yolk sac is shrinking as expecting, since the baby is drawing it’s nourishment from it until the placenta takes over. Everything measured perfectly, including the baby at 6w6, I was 7w0d Monday, so they tell me we’re right on. We didn’t actually hear the heartbeat, but we saw the flickering and the measurement of 124. My doctor confirmed this was great, as they look for a heartbeat over 100 at 7 weeks. The tech printed several pictures for us while I changed and then we were sent back to the waiting room in anticipation of our visit with one of the REs.

The actual visit with our doctor after our ultrasound seemed a little pointless to me. One of the PAs was on for appointments yesterday, and frankly, I know more than her. And poor Eric sitting there, he probably wanted to laugh at her. She showed us the ultrasound report, but the tech had already shared all the information, so nothing new there. The PA reviewed my medications, pointing out next Monday the 20th is my last PIO injection, which I already knew as well. She asked how I was feeling and offered a few suggestions for my almost constant nausea, mentioning a script for Zofran was available if I felt I needed it. I declined for the time being, willing to try their recommendations of B6 and Unisom first. Lastly we were told we were being released to a regular OB and could make an appointment with one of our choosing on our way out.

Eric had two OBs in mind he’s fairly fond of, but of course they didn’t have any openings for new patients for months, longer than I can wait to be seen. So we instead with booked with a new staff, knowing it probably doesn’t really matter who we consider our doctor, as they all share call and it’s anyone’s guess who we’ll see for the delivery. My next appointment is set for November 4th when I’ll be 10 weeks. No ultrasound is scheduled for that appointment though, so no idea when we’ll get to see baby again. And of course, I’m already worrying…

13 thoughts on “7 Week Ultrasound

  1. wow they released you really soon! I was on weekly ultrasounds until 9 weeks and they had me schedule the OB way before that so I could roll right into the appointment with them at 10 weeks. I think I would have gone crazy with worry otherwise. Hoping you can get through it without being too frazzled.
    I accepted the Zofran script just in case and ended up taking it twice. Both times it worked great on the nausea but everything came out the other end 🙁 (sorry tmi but it was worse than the puking) The belly pains I had were so bad I was worried it was menstrual cramps. I almost went to the ER. Not taking that stuff again. It is listed as one of the side effects, but after googling it seems most people have the opposite problem and get constipated.
    Hang in there! 7 weeks, good heartbeat, good news 🙂

    1. I know, I feel like they released me so early, but I tend to think it’s standard at my clinic. Another thing I don’t like about them. They did say to feel free to call if I need anything before my first appt with my new OB. Three weeks feels like forever though! And I stop the PIO next Monday, I’m scared for that too!

      I’m actually feeling way better, I guess from the B6 and Unisom. Like shockingly good. But now I’m STARVING! I’ll take this as a good sign though!

  2. What a great appointment! I am so happy for you!! My next appointment is 11/4 also!! It will be a great day!!

    1. Yes, it will be a great day!

  3. My RE also releases after a 7-8 week ultrasound. Although he emailed me yesterday and offered to do another ultrasound next week if my OB’s office wouldn’t. I thought that was really nice of them.

    I had to do some pleading with the nurse at the OB’s office but they did give me an ultrasound for next Thursday. I have my first appt with a dr on November 3rd and I’d imagine they will just doppler then since I’d be almost 11 weeks but he may do an ultrasound instead given my history. I’ve been through 3 losses at my OB’s office so they are pretty good about giving me the reassurance scans that I need! Hopefully your office is the same way!

    1. Yes, I know, I was so used to all this extra care, and now nothing extra! I did want to be a normal pregnant lady though! I’m going to look into purchasing a doppler for at home…

      1. Being a normal OB patient isn’t a bad thing either 😉

  4. Glad your appointment went well. I was released to the OB at 8 weeks. I think every clinic is different. Hoping the next few weeks pass quickly! I feel that’s been one of the difficult things – the waiting time in between appointments!

  5. So glad to hear this! My advice about the Zofran, though: if you don’t need it, don’t take it. I found some mixed information about it recently and am now worried about my 6-month old’s heart. It’s probably paranoia on my part, but if you’re getting by without it, then that’s good.

    1. I have a strange feeling the Unisom and B6 are only going to work so long, as I’m already noticing more moments of sickness. So far so good without the Zofran though… Hopefully I can make it through this without it!

  6. I was released from my RE at just over 6 weeks since there was a heartbeat, I guess that’s the standard! I’m so happy for you and I hope things continue to go well. It’s so hard early on with so little to reassure you that things are progressing normally! Continued prayers!

    1. Yes, this is so very nerve racking, and even worse that last night was my last progesterone injection. I’m a nervous wreck today!

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