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Part-time Status – Another Update

I talked with my boss after she met with HR. Supposedly I’m allowed to go part-time now, or soon, but my boss still wants to hire my replacement soon. That said, I’d be allowed to stay working part-time until May as long as I agree to be reclassified as a temporary employee whenever my replacement starts work, my boss estimated February or March. Temporary means NO benefits.

I’m confused and angry. And frankly very distrusting of my boss right now. I get she has to look out for the team, but we don’t need my replacement hired now, as I’m bored and can still complete all my work part-time.

I’d like to speak with the HR rep alone, but I fear my boss would feel I went behind her back. But how do I know this is my only option if I want part-time? Maybe she is just telling me I have to go temporary so she can rehire sooner…

I fear asking for part-time was a huge mistake. If going temporary is my only option than I’ll stay full-time. Ridiculous they’d rather me sit there bored though. That’s a government job for you I guess.


2 thoughts on “Part-time Status – Another Update

  1. I am so sorry that it has worked out this way!! If your relationship with your boss is already damaged, what more would you lose by speaking to HR alone? I would virtually never speak to HR (I am distrustful of them at the best of times), but I think the question is worthy of some thought.

  2. you definitely need to talk with HR on your own – this sounds super fishy. whether or not your boss thinks you went behind her back, this is YOUR employment and YOUR legal right

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