Preliminary Main Level

Just finished discussing the main level design with my builder… I’m a little overwhelmed. But the good news, my closet (front left) is HUGE!



12 thoughts on “Preliminary Main Level

    1. Yes, no room for Eric, I’m gonna need all that closet space! No room for a little one on the main level though. Our bedroom, bath, closet, kitchen, living room, dining, guest bath, and then an office on the main. Three kids rooms will be upstairs and then a guest room and who knows what else in the basement.

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  1. How exciting! I loved the whole building a house process. Looks like you are off to a good start 🙂 When do you want to start building?


      1. Ummm Lance still regrets not getting two shower heads! He talks about it every time we go into a home under construction in our neighborhood that has it. I think your layout looks great and loving your closet. We went with guest room downstairs and other bedrooms upstairs but I assume you have already put thought into a master down.

        Wait until you get into choosing finishes. Incredibly overwhelming!


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