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Weekly Pregnancy Update – 10 Weeks

How far along: 10w0d

Baby’s size: 1.61 inches, 0.25 oz., about the size of a fig.  (A fig, who thinks up these comparisons??)

Total weight gain: Up 2.4 lbs. from egg retrieval, which is actually down 0.2 lbs. from last week.

Maternity clothes: Yes, although I still don’t need them for my belly, but so much more comfortable in the hips!

Stretch marks: I pray never, and so far I’m still good!

Sleep: The past week I slept pretty well, maybe the exhaustion is getting to me.  Still in bed before 9pm, last night I think it was before 8pm!

Symptoms/Feeling: I’ve felt pretty good lately, although still taking the Unisom and B6.  I find myself very hungry at times and then with no interest in food other days.

Best moment of this week: Hearing baby’s heartbeat for the first time with our home doppler!

Miss anything: I miss food in general.  So often nothing sounds good.

Movement: My handy Pregnancy+ app tells me baby is moving quite a bit now, but still awhile before I can feel anything.  And she/he is growing finger and toe nails already!

Food cravings: Lots of carbs.  Bagels and cream cheese are still my go-to breakfast choice.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating too much…  If I find myself too full I feel rather awful.

Have you started to show yet: No, I honestly think my stomach is just fat and bloating!  I have a muffin top 🙁

Gender: I’m really hoping my doctor orders the MaterniT21 test tomorrow at my appointment.  I believe it takes 10 days for results, so not long now!

Labor signs: Good God no!

Belly button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Honestly, I think more happy.  Coworker N just told me this morning about his wife going off on people…  Not here, I’ve been cool, calm, and collected so far!

Looking forward to: First OB appointment is tomorrow afternoon.  I’m almost as excited to miss an afternoon of work as I am for the appointment!  Eric started his Cedar Rapids rotation today, so he figured asking off his second day was probably a bad idea, so I’ll be attending my appointment solo.

Purchases for baby:  Last Friday afternoon I bought another item for baby from my work’s gift shop, this Halo SleepSack.  It’s sweet and hopefully will work for a boy or girl.

Eric’s reactions:  Eric has really surprised me this past week.  I thought I would be a freak about the doppler, wanting to listen all the time, but it’s been him asking to listen far more often than me!  And he insists on sleeping with his hand on my belly, or touching my belly when we’re on the couch together.  At first it seemed a little odd to me, but now I think it’s cute.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Pregnancy Update – 10 Weeks

  1. I loved that halo sleepsack! We used it every night for 3 months. Until he outgrew it. I probably should have bought 2, I ended up washing it almost every day. I can’t say enough about this item. Probably my #1 must have for a newborn.

    1. Oh good! I wasn’t sure if that was a smart perchase or not! And maybe I will buy another!

      1. I hope it works as well for you!

  2. Happy 10 weeks!! =) Can’t wait to hear about your OB appointment tomorrow! My hubs can’t attend mine tomorrow either, I figure I will forgive him! 😉

    1. Yes, I’m hoping not too much goes on tomorrow that he’ll miss…

  3. One of my friends said, “other people’s pregnancies go so fast!” – Now I know what she means! I can’t believe you’re at 10 weeks already!

    1. HAHA, well it does seem very very slow to me!

      1. Oh totally! I thought the first trimester would never end!!

  4. Aw your husband is so sweet!

    1. He’s really surprised me, I’ll say that!

  5. I like that Eric is connecting to baby. Very sweet. Glad you’re feeling better!

  6. That’s awesome that Eric puts his hand on your belly and wants to listen to the heartbeat lots, he’ll be a good daddy! The sleep sacks are awesome, no need for a blanket so baby is warm and safe and you can sleep in peace.

  7. Good luck today at your appointment! I love reading these updates. I do agree with you on the size comparisons…. where do they come up with it? It is truly amazing to read the updates and see how the baby developments each week.

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