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10 Week OB Visit

My 10 week OB appointment this afternoon went well, a little uneventful, but maybe that’s what we strive for at this stage.  I’d assumed all my appointments would be at the hospital, as all my IVF appointments had been, but it seems the doctor I picked, Dr. Merryman (the only physician with new patient availability) only sees patients at an offsite location.  This didn’t particularly matter to me, but did add additional time to my afternoon to account for driving and such.  I’m not going to complain though, as it got me out of work earlier!  (How pathetic am I?)

I met with a nurse first for an hour visit.  I personally felt this portion of the appointment was pointless.  I guess I can see where it would have been essential if this was my first ever baby related appointment, but I’ve been seen almost weekly, sometimes daily, for the past year, and they clearly have all of my medical history, and then some!  The nurse was polite though, reviewing each area of my record, conforming medications and so forth.  I was given a packet of information, most of which I’ve already received, and told more would be discussed once I met with the doctor.  Toward the end of my nurse visit, long after my weight and blood pressure had been checked, I was handed the ever famous pee cup and sent to a nearby restroom.  I never did ask what they were testing for… I assume lots of good stuff.

The nurse ushered me to another room, almost identical to the first, and asked me to wait as Dr. Merryman was just finishing with another patient.  A few moments later in walked a girl who I’m fairly certain is younger than me.  Okay, I don’t actually know that, but she looked young.  Very pretty, professional, slightly soft-spoken, petite, and very polite were my first impressions.  I instantly liked her as she reviewed my medical history in-between chatting about our shared hatred of dog hair.  She has a golden retriever, which must be worse on shedding than my lab!  She’s new to the University this year, but not new to practicing medicine.

Dr. Merryman asked me if I’ve given any thought to how much testing Eric and I are interested in, pointing out that some couples want everything, others choose none.  I’d done some research on my own, and the packet the nurse handed me included lots of information as well.  I was given two main options, either the standard Iowa Integrated Screen or the more advanced MaterniT21, a blood test which tests with 99% certainty.  Eric and I had talked a bit and felt the more advanced was better, given it’s non-invasive and more accurate.  Only problem, my doctor thought it’s only covered if the mother is 35 when she conceives, whereas I won’t be 35 until I deliver.  So, I’ll be checking with my insurance company tomorrow and then hopefully getting it ordered ASAP.  I’m not really all that concerned about whether or not my insurance will pay for it, more just curious what the out-of-pocket cost to me will be so I can prepare.

We chatted a bit longer, she asked about our IVF experience, our miscarriage, family medical history and such, and then stepped out while I changed into the ever popular and sexy gown.  (A man must have designed them, right??)  I wasn’t due for a pap, but she did want to check my cervix, and also felt my uterus and such, letting me know everything was normal.  She did a quick breast exam and then finally it was time to hear the heartbeat.  As she was placing a bit of jelly on my belly she wanted me to know that it was still really early in my pregnancy and we might not find the heartbeat just yet…  I was thinking, oh, you should be able to find it here if we can find it at home, but I didn’t share that little tidbit…  And yes, of course she found it.  She didn’t measure it, but said it sounded strong and fast, which was perfect 🙂

I dressed while my doctor put in several orders for labs and I was on my way.  At checkout I made an appointment for my 12 week ultrasound, which is roughly two weeks from now, and then I stopped at the lab and donated 4 vials of blood.  Thankfully I’m no longer scared of needles!

All in all, a very good day 🙂

11 thoughts on “10 Week OB Visit

  1. Uneventful is definitely good! And I head you in the not sharing the doppler. I definitely didn’t complain when he ruled in the portable ultrasound machine.

  2. Yay for uneventful. My appointments have never been that long, yikes! The pee tests are for protein. Pregnant women do not want protein in their urine but if they have it you want to know sooner rather than later. Eric will likely be able to explain what it can mean. Or maybe not?

    If your insurer does not cover the MaterniT21 call the manufacturer and ask them to give you a written quote of what they will bill you after telling them the insurance isn’t covering it. They had a bad history of saying one thing and billing something else as in over $2K. I hope they’ve ironed out their red tape on that front but I’d make the call if insurance excludes coverage. All the best with the pregnancy otherwise!

    1. Thank you for the advice on calling the lab who performs the test, they were very helpful!

      1. You’re most welcome. I’m so glad it was helpful!

  3. I asked about the pee cup because they check it every time- they are checking for protein in your urine and I think she said sugar too. Our doctor said the Materni-T21 could cost anywhere from $200-$2000. We ended up getting really lucky- there was a new lab that was trying to get business and only charging $25! So you may get different price options for different labs. It took exactly 7 days to get the results back.

    1. I’m hoping the results only take 7 days, considering it’s still 7 days until the test!

  4. Haven’t been reading wordpress for a long time, so only just found out your good news. Congrats! Your perseverance has paid off!

  5. Uneventful is probably what you want! So glad things are going well!

  6. We did the MaterniT21 test and I am so glad we did. SO MUCH peace of mind. Also you get to find out the gender FOR SURE, which is a nice added bonus. It was covered for me since we had a previous miscarriage with a Tri18 baby, I can’t remember what the bill says it would have been. Definitely a few thousand. Anyway I hope you qualify!

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