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Genetics Screening Scheduled

Good news!  My pregnancy is considered high risk due to my age at deliver, 35 or older, and the fact we conceived through IVF.  Therefore I qualify for the MaterniT21 screening.  Okay, wait, probably not the best news, but good in regards to having the luxury of my insurance paying for a genetics screening that is 99% accurate, far better than the standard screening.

I initially thought this was just a blood test, but the Maternal Fetal Genetics department at the University likes to first perform an ultrasound to check the neural tube, and then if that looks okay, they will draw my blood and send it away for results.  My appointment for both the ultrasound and blood draw is next Thursday, November 13th.  Results take 7-10 days, which means we’ll know if baby is healthy (and it’s gender) before Thanksgiving!

I’m trying to tell myself chances are favorable our baby is healthy…  But everyone assumes that, right?  I’ll pray…

4 thoughts on “Genetics Screening Scheduled

  1. Praying for you too! Can’t wait to hear gender 🙂

  2. Is the ultrasound for the nuchal transcluscency? Mine is next Tuesday and I’m sure I’m gonna be a nervous wreck!

    1. Yes and I’m nervous as heck too. I mean, at first I was just excited to find out the gender, but as this test gets closer, reality is setting in. I really just want baby to be okay. I’ll be praying for you on Tuesday.

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