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A Rant

Warning, this is mostly a rant post, you know, me getting my feelings out, therapy if you will. Feel free to skip this post altogether if you’d rather not have your day bombarded with my petty issues 🙂

So yesterday sucked. Allow me to recap. It’s month-end at work. Those of you in accounting and finance understand this. Those of you in other fields, I wish I was you. There is just something about redoing the same tasks month after month, closing the books. I mean, we closed them last month, why close them again! (Clearly I wasn’t meant for this field!) But yes, it’s month-end and thus our busy time. Normally I enjoy month-end, the days seem to fly as I don’t find myself overcome with boredom. This month-end is different though. For the past year and a half I was responsible for valuing A/R and posting adjustments as necessary. I won’t explain the process here, just go with it. It’s a lot of Excel work, crunching numbers, V-Lookups, you know, stuff I actually enjoy, because believe it or not, I do like numbers, just not T accounts. Anyway, this task of mine, considered very important, has been reassigned to none other than N, the coworker I despise for reasons too long to list here, but allow me to try:

  • He believes all CPAs should wear capes at work to signify their super-powers.
  • He makes all of maybe $60K or so a year, but yet insists on wearing mostly Burberry.
  • His ties match his socks as he is preparing for management. His words, certainly not mine.
  • He believes he deserves a corner office with a window in our new building.
  • He refers to our boss as ‘Boss Lady’.

Okay, honestly, those don’t even begin to give you a true picture of him, but I’ll stop before my blood pressure rises any further. So yes, back to the A/R valuation. He was assigned this task, I can only assume because my boss knows I’m leaving in seven months and apparently it’s going to take genius boy that long to learn this task. Can I point out I mastered it in one month, maybe two?

So with my best smile I trained him this month, and can you believe that he had the audacity to continuously check his cell phone during our training? I mean, he wasn’t even remotely paying attention! Does he think he’s too good to learn from me, or what the crap is his deal?? He even got up once to go talk to another coworker, in the mist of me speaking. Who does that???

Back to yesterday though. The valuation was complete Wednesday morning, but my boss (don’t even get me started) wasn’t comfortable with the results. Personally, I trust the process, but acknowledge it has gaps and a huge margin for errors since the work is quite manual, lots of formulas and such. That said, I was willing to discuss and determine if changes needed to be made before I posted adjustments to our general ledger. So we did discuss, and discuss, and still my boss and N were uncomfortable with the numbers, claiming they just didn’t understand it. So we all went home Wednesday night to think on it.

Yesterday morning, Thursday. Remember every Thursday morning at 9am I see my therapist… So yes, of course my boss would want to meet again at 8am, making me very nervous about overlapping my appointment. And yes, of course my appointments are on my calendar, but does my boss pay any attention? Of course not! So at 8:15am yesterday she finally tells me to go ahead and post the entry, I assume not because she’s okay with it, but rather she’s still not okay and frankly just giving up. So, knowing I have not a lot of time to prepare the entry and post, I ask N to take over. I mean, it is his task now, he did beg for this task, he was technically supposed to take over last month but then decided to take vacation over month-end, which is a no-no, and he clearly knows how to post entries. And can you believe that he refused to prepare and post the entry, claiming it was still my task this month, and besides, he didn’t want his name attached to an entry he didn’t understand. WTF. Yeah, I had no words. As if I didn’t dislike him enough, now I really did. So I prepared and posted the entry, and cancelled another therapy appointment very last-minute. I was beyond annoyed.

Fast forward to roughly 1am this morning, Friday. I woke with terrible stomach cramps. Not like period cramps, but just a stomach ache. I was sweating profusely as well… Like over-heating. And then I proceed to experience awful diarrhea, and my body decides, at the same time, it needs to throw up. Two awesome things at once. I crawl back in bed, no longer sweating, to find both Eric and Kona, snoring away. And yes, of course I wake Eric and tell him I’m sick. He asks me how many times I’ve thrown up, once, and he tells me I’m fine and rolls back over. Some help he is.

I woke this morning for work around 5:30am, my usual, and still felt icky. Not like I’m going to throw up, but like I need to lie down. I highly considered calling into work sick, but it’s a Friday, and I feared my team would think I’m faking. And we have a meeting at 10am to discuss the entry which made me miss my appointment yesterday. And God forbid N take some initiative and explain it, since he was supposed to be paying attention when we created it!

And of course, now that I’m here and wanting to leave early to crawl into bed, that meeting was moved to 2:30pm today. Of course.

And on top of all that, I emailed my therapist and asked that she cancel all future appointments. As much as I like seeing her, and value her advice, the stress of holding the appointments is more than I want to bear right now. I feel too guilty cancelling on her last-minute, which seems to be happening more and more lately. So for now, I suppose this blog is my therapy.

3 thoughts on “A Rant

  1. I’m sorry, dear. N sounds like a real, well, I won’t say what I think he sounds like. I hope you will reconsider your therapy appointments. Maybe see if you can schedule them later in the day, or every couple weeks instead of weekly? If they benefit you, which I know they do, please don’t let work stop you from doing something that helps you. Sending you hugs!

    1. Thank you! I’m not going to forget about them completely just yet. I’d still love to go part-time at work, maybe in a few months, which would make those appointments easier to keep. We’ll see…

  2. Are you constipated? The over heating, throw up and diarrhea all at once happened to me twice until I figured out it was constipation causing it.

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