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2nd Level – 1st Draft

For those of you more in the know than me when it comes to building, designing, or frankly just living with kids, what do you think of the first draft of our upper level?  Frankly I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with all these bedrooms, as I’m fairly certain a 5th for guests will be in the lower level, but I’ll worry about that later.  (I fear filling these bedrooms is gonna take more rounds of IVF.)  I like the second laundry on the upper level, although it’s probably not something I would set up right away.  I mean, really, our newborn doesn’t need its own washer/dryer.  I like that each bedroom has a walk-in-closet and I think I’m good with bedrooms 3 and 4 sharing a bathroom.  For whatever reason, I pictured the loft overlooking the living room more directly, like having the loft over the master bedroom, where bedroom 2 is currently placed.  I suppose though that the steps aren’t going to block the entire view of the lower level…

Thoughts, opinions?  My only concern I guess, is having the walls of the living room soooo tall, since they will go to the second level.  Is that going to look strange?

LGC-Floorplan-Askeland-11-13-14-Rev-5 UP

20 thoughts on “2nd Level – 1st Draft

  1. It looks amazing. I am beyond jealous!

    1. Well, don’t be jealous yet. We are a long way from this piece of paper being a reality!

  2. I will say my best friend who has 5 children has her laundry on the second level and she has commented that although good in theory because everyone’s clothes are up there, it doesn’t work all that well. Laundry at least for she and I is often done while the kids are napping and you don’t want to be doing chores, running the washer/dryer right next door to a sleeping kiddo. Other than that, I love the open area with the semi-spiral staircase!

    1. Good point on the laundry. I’m honestly not sure why they thought I wanted a laundry on the upper floor, as we incorporated a fairly good size laundry room on the main level. Maybe once the kids are older and doing laundry themselves this would come in handy, but for the time being, I don’t really picture us using it. Yes, I love the spiral staircase too!

  3. Neat! I am such a house and construction geek. I had so much fun with ours even though it was semi-custom and not custom.

    A few thoughts…which are just my thoughts and not anything you have to take seriously!

    – In NC where I am, the two story living rooms have kind of gone passe. I think they are seen as wasted space and they are tough on heating and cooling expense. We have seen a ton of new construction houses over the past two years and it seems like no one is really doing this anymore. Maybe things are different in Iowa, but that is how it is down here. We really like the cozy feel of our one story living room!

    – We don’t have a second child but we also have the jack and jill bath (where two bedrooms share a bathroom). In ours, and a lot that we saw, each kid gets their own sink area that attaches to their door and then the toilet/tub are private and can be accessed from each side. With two sinks I don’t see any difference in doing it your way…I think the idea is that as they get older they can both get ready for school or bed at the same time.

    – Will there be a basement?

    I am obviously bored at work on a Friday afternoon :-).

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, I need all the input I can get!

      As far as the two story with quite a bit of wasted space, I did question the builder on that… He claims they will put separate heating/cooling systems on the upper and main level to correct such issues. Of course, we’d still have wasted space, but I kind of wanted the house to have an open feel. I think the hardest part for me is picturing all this finished… And how do I know what the front looks like??

      We are planning a basement as well, with perhaps a more cozy living area, a bar, and a guest bedroom and bathroom. Not sure what else will be down there yet. I’m pretty excited about it all, but also already overwhelmed. And we haven’t even thought about details of all these structures and such yet. AHHHHH.

      1. Yeah I mean I think our house has a super open feel without having the two story thing. Its just really open from the kitchen into the breakfast area and family room. Maybe look around and see what seems to be typical with new construction around you. Honestly, down here I’d be worried about the two story living because it seems like no one wants it anymore. But again could definitely be different here than there.

        I asked about the basement to see if that would end up being a kid play zone. I have a feeling that Bella’s # of toys is about to majorly multiply with her second birthday and since we don’t have a basement, we are plan on using our third floor as a playroom for her and her hopeful future sibling.

        LOL you are gonna go nuts when it comes to all of the finish choices. You get to pick hardwoods, and carpet, and tiles, and lighting, and where to place the lights and outlets, and counters, and cabinets, and backsplah, and shower tiles and it goes on and on and on haha.

        1. Oh gosh, I’m having heartburn just thinking about all that!

  4. The big tall walls will only look strange until you put something on them — a large piece of art, a tapestry, myriad photographs of various sizes, etc.

  5. We have a laundry room upstairs and I love it. My daughter actually likes the noise of the washer and dryer that and the vacuum.. I ran them a lot when she was a baby.. The sounds are actually soothing. I usually do laundry at night when she’s sleeping. Even if it were to get loud you can close the door. Not a big deal. It’s actually more convenient cause you won’t have to lug hampers up and down stairs.

    1. Good to know. Maybe I won’t need to buy a sound machine for the nursery!

  6. We have a laundry upstairs and love it. We also have a living area upstairs and love that too. I envision when we have kids and they are older, upstairs will be their space, while downstairs will be the adult space. Love the layout so far!

  7. I love it! You are going to love the walk in closets in the kids room. That is one thing I wish we would have done when we designed our home. I love the spiral stair case. The only thing I would possibly move around is the bathroom between bedroom 3 and 4. I agree with the one of the other posts about making it a more traditional jack and Jill bathroom, with separate vanities that have an each have an entrance to the shower, tub toilet area. I think as the kids get older it will give them their own space. Recently a couple of our friends build two stories, and love having a laundry room on the second floor.

  8. Have they shown you what the front will look like yet?

    1. No, I’ve been wondering when I get to see that. And what if I hate it??

  9. Love the floor plan- we were gonna build but between opening a new bar restaurant by Notre Dame and all the headaches I’ve encountered with those contractors….. We are now searching for a turn key house. Paint and carpet is all we care to worry about now. So far- hate every house hahahha

    1. I know, i fear this project is going to be more than i can handle. We’ll see i guess!

  10. Lol…. I remember that feeling!

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