Main Level – Revision

I just got an email from the drafter with our main level revision.  I think I like it, but what if I don’t?  What if it’s built and I realize where we placed the rooms are a hassle?

We switched around the pantry so it’s in a corner, as before we’d have to walk through the pantry every time we came in through the garage, and that seemed odd to me.  So now we walk into a mud room with storage and such and then into the kitchen to the left.  To get to the pantry now I have to walk through my mud room.  Does that seem odd?  And now my laundry room just has an entrance off the kitchen.  Does that seem normal?  I mean, I guess I have a second laundry upstairs, but I really wanted to enjoy the larger laundry room / utility room on the main level.  Ya know, space for all that crap that doesn’t fit anywhere else, like the vacuum, cleaning products, mops, etc.

Not much else changed, but I see they added more detail for windows and such.  I better ask if this is all the windows they are planning though, as it doesn’t seem like many.  The master bedroom only has doors out to a patio, no other windows…  Seems odd to me.

And what do you think of the dining area?  I told the drafter I wanted space for a table to seat at least 10, I was thinking holidays at our house, although day-to-day we’d never really need this large of a table.  I see for it to fit though it’s positioned the opposite way I expected.  Does this make the room look too long since the kitchen island runs the same way?

Oh, I’m so confused.  I never thought designing the floor plan would be this nerve-racking.  I’m just scared of making mistakes at this point, as these carry through until the very end!  And it’s so hard for me to picture this finished…  And when do I get to see the front?  What if I hate the front??

Thoughts?  I’m totally open to any ideas, as now would be the time to change things before this is finalized!

Main Level Revision

14 thoughts on “Main Level – Revision

  1. i don’t know much about plans or the best layout for a modern house (our house is over a 100 years old haha). i do remember you posting the draft of the second floor a while ago and asking if it looked like a good layout for children. this post just reminded me of what i was thinking of about that. your master is on the main floor and all the bedrooms are on the second floor. for me, that would be a concern not having easy access to the kids at night. if they are sick, have bad dreams etc. could mean a lot of running around for everyone.


    1. I know, I’ve gone back and forth about the kids bedrooms on a different level. Funny thing is, EVERY single new home we looked at lately has the master on a different level. I guess it makes sense when the kids are older, but until then… I think we’d have plenty of room to keep a baby in our bedroom for the first couple months, so I guess I’m not too concerned about it. And think the exercise I’ll get running up and down those stairs all the time!


      1. interesting about the modern designs being set that way. definitely handy for the teenage years. agreed, you’ll have the baby in the room with you for the first little bit. i think as long as you’re prepared for the running around and you’re committed to that lifestyle, then it will probably be easier when the time comes for all the running. let’s just pray for a good sleeping baby hahahaha 😉


  2. Ok honestly I would hate the pantry in that location, anyway to move the pantry so it’s attached to the kitchen. I imagine a pantry to keep like blenders and other things you use often but don’t fit in normal cupboards but don’t want on your counter. Think of what you will use that for and if that location works. It depends on what you will use it for, it’s not too far off the kitchen though. Onother thing, are you planning to keep a baby in your room for awhile or do you really enjoy walking the stairs many times in the night?! Maybe your master is big enough for the crib for 6 months.


    1. I’m not sure I love the pantry there either, in fact, I have another idea that I might draw out and send to the drafter to see what she thinks. Honestly though, I don’t cook a lot, so maybe it wouldn’t matter to me, although might matter for resale.

      As for the kid’s bedrooms upstairs, I guess I’m thinking more long-term having them upstairs. I assume we’d have plenty of space in our bedroom for a crib for a few months. Or, just think of all the exercise I’ll get on the stairs???


  3. I think it looks good! We have our laundry/mud room off the kitchen and it doesn’t bother me a bit. Just remember no matter what decisions you make, there will always be something that you wished you would have done differently. Oh yes, I almost forgot…… windows. I have noticed a lot of builders don’t put a ton of windows on the sides of homes. I am assuming for privacy issues when you have close neighbors. The only side window we have is in our garage


  4. Do you do a lot of cooking/baking at home? I would find it really irritating to go through another room to get to my pantry, especially if I don’t realize until I’m in the middle of making something that I forgot, e.g., to get the baking soda out.


  5. I think not having any windows on the left side of your house is probably by design to give you privacy from neighbors. But I would inquire about adding another window in the master bedroom on the back wall. Looks like there is space for one if that door is in the corner.

    As for the pantry location…that is pretty similar to ours, although ours feels really close to the kitchen still. We just make a right turn around our fridge and through like 2 feet of mudroom and the pantry is right there.


      1. You could, but think about layout first. Is that side wall where your headboard will be? We only have windows on the back wall of our bedroom so it may just be a normal design thing for bedrooms? You can always ask your builder if there was a reason they did it that way!


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