The Baking Soda Gender Test

I’m guessing many of you have already heard of the baking soda gender test.  If not, feel free to click that link to read a bit more, or just google it, you’ll find a TON of posts!  Basically you mix your pee with a few teaspoons of baking soda.  If it fizzes you’re supposedly having a boy, if nothing happens, a girl.  I say supposedly because I asked Eric, a urologist, about pee, as he knows more than anyone else I know about pee, and he laughed.  He said urine pH can vary widely due to medications, or even what you had to eat that day, amongst other things, and therefore this test is a complete fluke with a success rate of 50%.  Get it?

Obviously I was going to test anyway, and what, nothing, not a single fizz or bubble, nothing, which would indicate we’re having a girl.  I’ve had a strange feeling all along it’s a girl though…  So, I guess we’ll see soon enough!

9 thoughts on “The Baking Soda Gender Test

  1. I’ve done about every test but this one for a good laugh with my sis. Husband thinks they’re all corny hahahhaa
    Results so far= boy
    That’s what my Army hubby is hoping for so he can have a little mini me. I found out 2weeks from today. Gahhhhh!!! My doc wasn’t big in the genetic testing DANGGG IT!!!!!


  2. I should start doing these things to see if they’re right without all the anticipation, since we knew the sex before I knew I was pregnant!


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