Random Thoughts ~ 12w1d

These could be my hormones talking, so no judging…

  • How many calories does a human really need to survive?  I fear it may be almost time for Debbie Downer to bite the dust.
  • They give NICU babies caffeine to stimulate their hearts and encourage growth… so it must be okay for me to indulge from time to time while pregnant…  A mint white mocha sounds wonderful right now!
  • Something made me add lots of orange items to my baby registry yesterday.  That works for a boy or girl, right?
  • Exactly how am I going to clean our new house when I can’t keep our current place clean with all Kona’s hair?  And what will I put in all those bedrooms???
  • Does it alarm you that the cafeteria workers here at the hospital bring their lunch from home?
  • What if I told you the dietary director is overweight, and not just by a little?
  • I wonder if Debbie’s husband is as annoyed with her as I am?
  • I should have never offered to make a pumpkin cheesecake for work tomorrow…  Last thing I’m going to feel like doing tonight!
  • Why must N regularly sit on my desk, invade my personal space, drool over my breakfast / lunch, and sometimes help himself??  Did he mother never teach him manners??
  • I’ve realized I was much happier overall when I felt accomplished and important at work…  But the good news, only 194 days now until baby is due and I can focus on a different aspect of my life!
  • Why do people keep inviting me to play games on Facebook???
  • Is it nap time yet?
  • Can Debbie just shut the f up and not yell things randomly for the entire office to hear??  I mean seriously!
  • Time for that mint white mocha…

15 thoughts on “Random Thoughts ~ 12w1d

  1. I read your posts and then think of Starbucks all day haha. Here in New Zealand the closest one is 20 minutest drive away into the city – and they have the peppermint mocha and I think about it daily :). I will have one!!!! I now have a regular coffee in the morning. I had no caffeine during IVF or first trimester but I do have one now…. I’m starting to relax a little more on things now


  2. Doc told me 200mg of caffeine was fine 🙂 he said A coffee in morning and A soda later on is fine. Doesn’t have to be everyday but absolutely fine! So enjoy that pepp mocha! Hubby met me at OB with one today :)))


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