Not over yet…

I was brave and decided to skip my unisom and b6 today. Big mistake. I can’t decide if I need to eat or puke. I feel awful. Even bed isn’t comforting. Wishful thinking this morning sickness was over!

8 thoughts on “Not over yet…

  1. ugh, after actually eating a decent amount of meat yesterday at dinner, i woke up feeling terrible, threw up, and proceed to retch the rest of the day. been taking the B6 for a while, but finally broke down and bought unisom to start tonight. really hoping it helps! thanksgiving is going to be a little sad otherwise :/


  2. A week ago, I was WISHING for nausea just so I could actually feel pregnant. Now, I would like to go back to the me of 7 days ago and smack her. I spent the whole weekend clutching a packet of saltines and sipping warm ginger ale. I think it’s going to be a long first trimester! I hope it ends soon for you. You’ve paid your dues! 🙂


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