14w3d – 15 Week OB Visit

I must say, I’m not really sure the point of a 15 week checkup.  Here’s how the visit went…

  • Checked-in with a strange dude at the front desk
  • Waited in a huge waiting room with only one other couple and their daughter, listened to the mother read her daughter a book using super annoying voices (please tell me this won’t be me someday)
  • Called back to room by pleasant nurse
  • Weight and blood pressure taken – no change in weight since 10 week checkup, blood pressure great, even lower than last visit
  • Sent to restroom to pee in cup, silly me went before my visit but thankfully they only needed a tiny bit
  • Met with doctor, asked how I was feeling, used doppler to hear baby girl’s heartbeat which registered in the 140’s
  • Doctor handed me visit summary and Rx for breast pump
  • I checked out and scheduled 19 week ultrasound and checkup

I should be thankful there was no stripping, no prodding, nothing really.  For once.  But so strange!  I drove all the way to an offsite clinic for that!

So truth be told, as thankful as I am to be pregnant, I have certainly not felt the best lately.  And honestly, some of my ailments might not even have anything to do with being pregnant…  I’ve had an awful sore throat for the past week.  And a terrible headache, and runny nose, and just an altogether ickiness about me.  Perhaps just a cold or something, which I hope passes soon.  I haven’t even felt like getting outta bed, but ya know, the show must go on.  And I’m still not sleeping the best, I tend to toss and turn, so that’s probably just adding to my icky feelings.  I pray I’m feeling better soon.

In other news, Eric is in Vegas until Monday.  Don’t tell him, but it’s super nice to have the house to myself.  I moved his book-bag out of the walkway, where he leaves it EVERY STINKING NIGHT, I put the coffee back in the cabinet and turned off the coffee maker, I cleared his stack off files off the coffee table, and wiped down the counters.  And sooo nice to know all those items will stay as is until Monday!  And I have big plans for this weekend, cleaning up the office.  He has no idea what is in store… but the office is turning into baby girl’s room, and I figure the sooner I start cleaning, the better.  This is the before picture, and no judging.  The mess is a mixture of baby items, Christmas presents, and office crap.  And that’s just one side of the room.  Sad, I know.  Like, how many computers are sitting on the desk, and why is the lamp sideways?

FullSizeRender (2)


I had intended this post to be funny and organized, but I’m getting tired, ya know, it’s 8:30pm already, so almost my bedtime.  So the following are random thoughts on my mind…

  • Do pregnant women shave their legs their entire pregnancy?  I’m so only 14 weeks, but already it’s difficult to bend over in the shower…
  • How come I started gagging when I brush my teeth at 13 weeks?  I thought this was supposed to be over by now.
  • I think I’m showing much too much already.
  • Will this headache ever go away?
  • I wonder what the UPS guy thinks of all my cool purchases lately.
  • How am I going to dispose of all these boxes before Eric gets back in town?
  • And more are being delivered tomorrow.
  • Why do I go diarrhea so often?  But then other days nothing???  I mean really, how much food can you put in before something has to come out??
  • Do people just automatically know how to go about getting their insurance company to pay for a portion of a breast pump?  I mean, do I really have to call them?  Ugh.

Okay, that’s all I got, as this has already gone on longer than it should have.   I promise to post a more uplifting account of my life soon, when I’m more awake and not so full of shit. Literally.


12 thoughts on “14w3d – 15 Week OB Visit

  1. A few things. . . The shaving omg! I told La I needed a shower bench or I was going to be forced to grow my leg hair out. And the toothbrush gagging started late for me too. Finally, there are companies who will contact your insurance company for you to make the breast pump happen. I’ll look up the company I used for you when I’m home.


  2. Stef, you crack me up!
    Yes, that is the way most of your appointments will go. In and out in no time. Just wait until you have to pee in that cup when you are really showing at the end of the pregnancy! That is not fun. When you go in for you 19 week ultrasound will the do a 3D?


  3. Ok the fact that you feel icky, sore throat, stuffed up, not sleeping, achy, this is all a part of pregnancy. You get sick easier. I feel like your baby girl needs a name already! It’s also normal to be happy when your spouse is away! Good luck with the office and baby’s room. Oh yes most pregnancy office visits to be seemed pointless, but what you don’t see is how many times a person just like you comes in the protein in the urine or high blood pressure and that is scary, so it’s mainly for early detection and to hear baby!


  4. The 16 weeks check-up is so uneventful! and my last one too. Pee in cup, get weighed, listen to heartbeat, got any questions? and out the door. Might be more exciting if I didn’t listen to the heartbeat at home all the time 🙂


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