15w3d – Sorry, more venting

  • My desk now makes a squeaking sound.  And I blame coworker N.  He’s over at my desk all the freaking time, strolls on over with his yogurt, or whatever he happens to be eating, since he’s always eating, and sits on my desk, chomping away, sometimes burping.  He usually has no purpose, or he’ll ask a question he should know the answer to, but since he ignores me during training, he now has tons of questions!  And who sits on someone’s desk???  He acts like he owns this place!  So now, whenever I lean on my desk, even the slightest bit, it makes an awful noise.  So annoying!
  • There is incompetence everywhere, especially on Victoria’s Secret’s website.  They need more programmers, as they obviously don’t update their site in a frequent enough manner.  I placed an order two nights ago, using two different coupon codes.  I heard nothing about the order, so I logged in this morning to check the status.  One of the items is back-ordered until the end of February, and the other is discontinued.  Were they going to tell me this?  Apparently not.  So I click on their live chat now and wait forever.  So much for ‘now’.  Finally Tyesha starts typing.  (And no, not adding that name to our list of possibilities.)  I ask for my order to be cancelled so I can place another, with my coupons, for something that will ship this year.  She cancels the order, I go back on their website to place a new order, and what, both the items I previously ordered say they are in stock.  WTF.
  • I stopped into Helget Medical Supply after work last night to inquire about ordering a breast pump using my insurance.  The guy tells me as of yesterday, Wellmark BC/BS will now only pay him 20% toward the breast pump of my choice, therefore I’d be required to pay the remaining 80%.  Hum…  So I email Wellmark, and they tell me my plan will pay 80% in network, and 60% out of network.  So again, incompetence.  Shouldn’t he have asked what insurance I have before telling me what I’ll pay???
  • Debbie’s husband must not work.  (That may explain why she doesn’t eat.)  She freaking calls him constantly during the day as he is out running her errands.  I can’t even tell you how many hours of phone calls I’ve listened to regarding her struggle to find 2T Sophia the First pants.  I don’t even know what Sophia the First is, but for the love of God lady, the rest of the department doesn’t care about the errands your husband is running!  And why is she a freak, why must she require her husband to call her as he arrives at each new destination, and then call with a list of what he purchased as he leaves each store.  Um, control and/or trust issues???

The day is still young, so there may be a part two to this post…

2 thoughts on “15w3d – Sorry, more venting

  1. Oh my! I would be venting too! Incompetent co-workers drive me crazy! I haven’t missed being at work the last 2 days, that’s for sure. Maybe while I’m out on maternity leave someone else can use out procedures and answer questions correctly! Do you have your daily countdown going for your last day yet? Lol 🙂


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