I’m still pondering this whole setting up an entire nursery in our current home…  We might be there anywhere from 1-6 months with baby, or we might not be there at all.  Or we might be in an apartment until our new house is finished.  And who knows how much space we will have in an apartment.

So question for all of you ladies who know more about this stuff than I do…  Why would someone invest in a mini-crib when many are the same price as the full-size?  Is it just to solve a space issue?  And how long can a baby sleep in a mini-crib?  Do people end up having to buy a full-size crib anyway, in which case, it seems like a huge waste of money.

I really like this Child Craft London White Euro Mini 2-in-1 Convertible Crib with Mattress I found on Overstock.  Or something very close to it.  It’s a bit plain, nothing fancy, but I like the modern look of it.  Thoughts?  Would this be easier to maneuver should we move with baby?  Or do I plan for the long-term and buy a full-size crib?  I’m not sure the quality of this, as it’s $199 including the mattress, which seems less than most other cribs.  Although at only $199 maybe I buy this now and could still afford something larger once we move…  Oh, I’m so confused!

CribAnd my other thought was finding mini-crib bedding, but there is a lot online, like isn’t this cute?  I mean, I’m not set on this, just something kind of cute I saw online which made me think maybe a mini-crib isn’t a horrible idea…  Please share any thoughts you have, I’d welcome some advice!


17 thoughts on “Cribs?

  1. Lucy slept in my bedroom in the pack n’ play (set to bassinet height) for the first three months. Unless you are really set on having a beautiful baby room from day 1 (and who could blame you, because nesting is a MUST for an expecting momma) I would suggest getting a nice pack n’ play and using that. Baby will fit in it for a long time (Lu fit in hers until she was about 2) and you will use it for many things other than just sleeping.

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  2. Ya I wouldn’t waste money on a mini crib or a big crib till your in your home and Id buy a nice set and a crib that changes into a toddler bed and then a full size when you do move, That’s what I have for my daughter and I love ours 🙂


  3. Also when I brought my daughter home I was barely in her bedroom because I had her In a bassinet and then the pack and play with the sleeper on top in the living room. I wasn’t comfortable putting her in the actual crib till she was at least 3-4 months old because they are so small I wanted her in the room with me


  4. I would stick with the pack and play thing until you move into your new home and then make it her room and decorate it. The baby can sleep in that for 6 months maybe having to move into the bottom portion if she outweighs the limits. I totally get wanting a cute room to come home to, but you’ll just leave it anyways. I like the plain crib and then make the room cute. Oh and the only thing the baby should have in the crib is a sheet and maybe a breathable bumper pad but nothing else so those bedding sets are a waste. So I suggest really cute sheets and curtains and wall decor for when you do move. Then you don’t have to move more furniture

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  5. Brynlee slept by my bed in a swing the first couple of months. Carter is still in the rock n play. He slept in that next to my bed every night for the first 3 months solid. Then I tried moving him into his crib but he didn’t sleep as well. So now he is back in the rock n play but in his own room. He is now 6 months and not having a crib would have been just fine so far for him! The rock n play is so nice bc is folds up super easy and you can take it when u are going to a friends house or inlaws and he can sleep in that or just play/lay when people arent able to hold the baby. I would say between that and the pack n play you bought, you would be more than covered for baby for the first several months. Unless you are against baby being in your room. Some people are and I actually was until baby actually arrived! 🙂


  6. yup, don’t waste money on anything other than sheets! i second the pack n play with bassinet idea – that’s what we have. we don’t plan on spending a ton on the crib either, since it’d only be used for 3-4 years at most. ikea has perfectly nice-quality cribs for very inexpensive!


  7. We used a Moses basket until she was 3-4 months; this started off because we had no space for anything larger, but we moved when Gwen was 18 days old into a place where she had a room of her own. We then bought a combo-crib/kid’s bed which she started using when she wasn’t waking up in the night so frequently, and when she outgrew the basket. (Before that, the Moses basket was convenient because it was the right height to have next to our bed, for easy access).

    She turned three a few weeks ago and we’re now in the largest extension of the bed into a child’s bed, but I expect she’ll be able to use it for another 3-4 years before she outgrows it.


  8. I am so in awe of you crib shopping this early. Talk about organized! (And confident; I didn’t relent from my terror in my one successful pregnancy until we were in the third trimester and then we had to scramble. Car seat wasn’t even installed when I had to get induced early… Your method is far more practical!) I went with a rubberwood (dark) crib from Restoration Hardware that our son slept in once I think… He went from a bassinet to co-sleeping to a toddler bed back to co-sleeping so I’m no model parent in this department and of zero assistance to you except to say I like the simple white one, too. Happy shopping!


  9. We have a crib but plan on using the pack n play for the first several months. I figure that will be easiest for nightly feelings. And cribs are a pain to set up and take down, so I would wait. Or order your crib and leave it in the box to move with it. Then you have it in case you really need to build that nest 🙂


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