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The Joys of Home-Ownership

Isn’t being a homeowner grand?  About as grand as being a landlord, but thankfully it’s my personal property with an issue this time…  The water heater.  Water heaters hate me apparently…

Not sure if I complained on here or not about this topic.  I tend to complain so much I forget who I complained to!  Anyway, often I shower in the morning and run out of hot water.  It’s not too surprising to me, as Eric takes really long showers, which, in my opinion, are way hotter than safe.  Thus, he uses most of the hot water in our 50 gallon heater tank.  I bitch to him about it frequently, but he swears he is normal.  Let’s not even go there.

Earlier this week though it seemed worse, like we would run out of hot water everyday, even when Eric was running late for work and thus his showers were quite short.  So… like any good wife I asked him to check out the water heater, thinking maybe the temperature just wasn’t set high enough.  A few days later he got the manual, which was on the top of the water heater, brought it upstairs, and laid it on the coffee table without another mention of it.  I wanted to remind him to look at it, but I assume if I had he would say I was nagging like his mom, so I didn’t mention it.

Today Eric and I cleaned out the storage room in preparation for moving the office into the lower level and converting the current office into baby’s room.  I walk into the storage room, and what, there was water all over.  How could Eric not have noticed when he got the manual from on top of the water heater???  He said there was too much junk in the basement and he didn’t see it.  Riiiiiight…

So it’s Sunday evening, and a plumber should be here any minute.  Pisses me off this wasn’t handled sooner, the first time I asked him to investigate.  Also pisses me off this house, and thus water heater, are only three years old.  This is not an expense I was planning on in December, on top of everything else right now…

Yesterday was more productive though, as we met with our builder and worked to finalize the floor plans for our new home.  The floor plans aren’t exact yet, but they are getting really close, and we hope to be ready for their appraisal by the end of this week.  I will say though, I didn’t feel very prepared for the meeting.  The builder had lots of questions I didn’t really know the answers to, like ‘what material would you like the deck and deck railing made of?’ and ‘what type of flooring are you thinking for each room?’ and ‘why type of built-ins do you want in the walk-in closets?’  Yeah, no clue.  I’m a visual person, I need to see examples and then pick what I like, and there were no examples.  I mean, I know he just needed an idea to put in a budget amount, but still.  All in all though the  four hour meeting went well.  We made a few small changes to the plans, added some windows, changed around some doors, make the deck and patio larger…  Mostly small changes.  I’m really happy with how the plans turned out, but Eric appeared stressed during our meeting, and after.  Maybe stressed isn’t the right word, maybe more nervous.  After we left our meeting with the builder we stopped for lunch and he was quiet, seemed in a bad mood.  I assume he’s getting worried about the cost of the house as ironically he hates spending money.  You wouldn’t know it from how he gambled and ate/drank in Vegas though!  I assume Eric will get more excited once he’s working and the reality of paying for this house feels more possible.  I hope anyway.  Often I feel like he views building this house as my idea… and the last thing I want is him to be unhappy with the outcome later.

Well, looks like tomorrow is going to be an unexpected vacation day, as the plumber plans to return at 10am tomorrow…  Lovely….

9 thoughts on “The Joys of Home-Ownership

  1. OMG! That’s terrible! Good luck with the planner though! That’s exciting.

    1. Thank you, planning session went well!

  2. You should look into a tank less water heater for your new home. We put one in ours and it is great……. you never run out of hot water and is way more energy efficient! They are a bit more expensive but we’ll worth the money

    1. I asked the plumber who installed our new one about tankless. He had mixed ideas on them… Said they are more expensive upfront and only save a little on energy, which is eaten up by the maintenance costs. Although, I think he was referring to our really hard water here… And if I remember correctly, your city has much better water! I’m going to ask my builder about them though.

  3. Oh dear! What a pain in the ass! I hope it got fixed last night & nothing was ruined!!

    1. All fixed and only a few things ruined which I don’t care too much about anyway. Could have been a lot worse, that is for sure!

      1. Oh thank goodness! I am sure it could have been much worse!!

  4. Seems like broken water heaters and pregnancy go hand in hand. I had one, AndiePants had one and now you have one. I am sorry this happened and in Dec no less.

    1. Yes, thankfully it was under warranty though, so only $300 for the install. I can live with that, as could have been much worse. Although I still would have rather spent $300 on something cute for baby!

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