Weekly Pregnancy Update – 16 Weeks

How far along: 16w0d

Baby’s size: 5.12 inches, 4.94 oz., about the size of a navel orange.

Total weight gain: Up 2.4 lbs. from egg retrieval as I lost 2.4 lbs. last week.  Um, that was half the weight I had gained so far…  Seems a little odd.  Although I’m excluding the 10 lbs. I gained over the year before this final egg retrieval from the fertility meds.  Is it possible I’m losing some of that weight?  I think I even look smaller this week in the picture below.  Oh, and notice no shower or makeup in the picture, as I’m home waiting for the plumber to replace the water heater 🙂

16 Weeks

Maternity clothes: Same as last week, still in a mixture of regular and maternity pants, but most of my shirts and sweaters still fit me.  I did order a few items each from Kohl’s, JCPenny, and Motherhood online last week though.  I expect them to arrive soon, and hopefully they fit.  And I guess I need to shop for something cute to wear on Christmas, but what will that be???

Stretch marks: Nothing to get too excited about, nothing new anyway!

Sleep: I’m sleeping much better, but I still find myself on my stomach most mornings.  I assume this will end when I find it too uncomfortable.

Symptoms/Feeling: Honestly, I’ve felt really great the past week, maybe due to sleeping better.  I stopped the Unisom and B6 Saturday night and so far so good.  I’m eating normal too, which is another surprise on the weight loss…  There have been a few times this week when I actually forgot I was pregnant I felt so good.  And then I panicked and wondered if baby was still alive and kicking…

Best moment of this week: Finalizing floor plans.  I’m feeling a little better about the building process now, although still nervous for what is to come, all the decisions of materials and such.  So far I don’t feel that stressed about it, but I assume that will change soon.

Miss anything: My waist.  Seriously, where did it go?  And it will be back, right?  I see other women at work with their nice flat tummies and I get a little jealous.

Movement: Not yet, but I’m hoping soon.  Hopefully feeling her move will make this all feel a little more real.

Food cravings: Haven’t noticed any this week.  I feel like I’m back to my normal eating patterns.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, not even gagging when I brush my teeth anymore!

Have you started to show yet: Yep, although I really do swear I’m smaller this week than last.  Maybe things just shifted around in there!

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: Good God no!

Belly button in or out: In and it better stay that way!

Wedding rings on or off: On, and I will miss them if my fingers swell, as I tend to feel naked without my jewelry.

Happy or moody most of the time: I think happy, although as I’m sitting here typing this I’m wondering how much this plumber is going to ask for, what am I going to wear to Christmas, what I will take for food to each of the events…  Okay, maybe I am a little stressed with the holidays.

Looking forward to: Getting the office cleaned up and converted to baby’s room.  Not sure how soon that will happen though, as I’ll need Eric’s help and his time is sometimes limited.  We did make a lot of progress over the weekend on the lower level though, although now we have many bags of garbage and just as many large piles for recycling that need to be dealt with.

Purchases for baby:  A breast pump is in my possession!  Long story short, one medical supply store told me my insurance will only pay 20%, and thus I figured screw them and ordered one online and planned to just use remaining FSA dollars to cover it.  Then, a good friend told me to talk to a pharmacy close to where I live, and can you believe they confirmed my insurance will pay 100% for any pump of my choosing??  Yep, walked out with the Medela Freestyle, for free to me!  I felt like I was robbing them!  I hope I like it, it sounds similar in function to their very popular Pump in Style Advanced, but the Freestyle appears to be a bit more mobile and hands free.  Strangely, I’m kind of excited to try it out once baby gets here!

Eric’s reactions:  Eric is still being very sweet and cute with this pregnancy.  He says good-night to baby most evenings and offers to find the heartbeat with the doppler whenever I’m feeling nervous.  We talked a little more about names, but him and I still don’t really agree on one in particular, although we have a list of a few either one or both of us like.  I have a book of names, so planning to go through that little by little when I have the time.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Pregnancy Update – 16 Weeks

  1. Just curious to know where you got your breast pump. I am curious to see if my insurance will cover it as well. I saw a site online that will go through your insurance for you, but i’m always so hesitant to put personal information online with a site i’m not familiar with. Thanks!!!


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