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16w2d and Sick

I’ve decided being sick when pregnant totally sucks.  I feel awful and I just want my bed.  But since I was home Monday with the water heater and I need to take off Friday afternoon so we can drive to Eric’s parent’s Christmas celebration, I’m at work.  Hopefully not spreading too many germs.

I wanted to make sure this isn’t more than a bad cold though, so I was seen by a PA (not my favorite) in our Family Medicine Clinic this morning.  You get whoever you get, so I didn’t expect many great things.  She basically said I have fluid in my ears but didn’t want to give me an antibiotic since I’m pregnant.  My throat isn’t that red so I can’t have strep, according to her, even though it hurts like hell.  I can only take Tylenol for my terrible headache, again, since pregnant.  She said I don’t have the flu since I don’t have a fever.  And my awful cough sounds most likely like my asthma acting up, as I have a history of such.  She did give me a refill on my Albuterol inhaler, but I see it’s category C in pregnancy, meaning it showed damage to the fetus in animal studies and hasn’t been tested in humans.  Great.  Both my doctor and pharmacist said that the benefits of using it outweigh the risks as if I’m not getting enough oxygen, than baby isn’t either.  Hum, seems like a double-edged sward.  I also picked up some Ricola cough drops I’m told are safe, but they taste like Pine-Sol, no joke.

I used the inhaler and already my hands are shaking and my heart is racing, as always when I use it…  Hopefully this works for the coughing!  The doctor actually told me I should really try to rest this week and weekend as much as I can, but I doubt Eric would go for me missing his Christmas.  And besides, I really do want to see my sister-in-law!

8 thoughts on “16w2d and Sick

  1. I am sorry you are sick!! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Have you heard of the xopenex inhaler? It’s like albuterol but doesn’t give you the shakes. When I used an inhaler, I had to use xopenex due to a heart problem my doctor didn’t want to aggravate. Insurance gave me a hard time covering it though. I hope you feel better!

    1. I have not heard of this, but thank you, I’m going to look it up now!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Oh no! Feel better!!!!! Lots of rest momma!! XO

    1. Thank you! I can’t believe it, but I’m still sick. Hopefully I’ll be better by Christmas!

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