17w1d – Still sick but almost Christmas

I’m so sick of feeling sick.  I’m sick of coughing.  I’m sick of blowing my nose.  I’m sick of the headache.  I just want to feel better!  And it’s mid-afternoon on the 23rd…  My last day of work until December 29th.  Needless to say, my motivation is shrinking as I type 🙂

Side note, coworker N was supposed to be off today, but being he’s so important (according to him), he stopped in for a meeting this afternoon.  (A meeting where he wasn’t required to say one word, might I add.)  But what was the first thing he said/did when he arrived at my desk?  Bowed while posing with a Fantasy Football trophy.  No, he seriously spun around with the thing.  I used to  dislike him.  I’m starting to hate him.  If I never encounter him again in my life, I’d die happy.

Aside from my annoyance with N, I’m in a strange mood today.  Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, maybe it’s the stress of Christmas, maybe it’s another year coming to an end, reflecting on accomplishments…. or lack thereof…

An obviously accomplishment is my pregnancy.  But honestly, that doesn’t so much feel like my accomplishment as much as it does the University of Iowa’s IVF Lab’s.  This pregnancy gets marked as a ‘success’ in their records, pending a healthy delivery of course.  Perhaps someday I’ll look back and feel I played a part.  Perhaps when I’m holding my daughter in my arms.

This evening marks Eric’s and my 4th annual Chinese Christmas Dinner.  Now no laughing!  I’m not sure how this tradition started.  Well, obviously four years ago on December 23rd Eric and I went out for Chinese…  And thus we decided to repeat this every December 23rd.  We don’t always attend the same Chinese restaurant, wherever strikes our fancy.  I think tonight’s dinner will be at Pei’s, a short drive north from our home maybe 20 minutes.  I’ll looking forward to crab rangoon and something equally as unhealthy for the main course!

After dinner I need to stop at a grocery store for Christmas goodie ingredients.  Tomorrow night Eric and I will celebrate with my mom’s five brothers and sisters and cousins and whoever else will be in attendance.  I believe I’m taking Gruner Salad as it’s easy for travel.

Then on Christmas Day we’ll be at my sister’s home, well, actually staying over night there the 24th and then celebrating the 25th with my immediate family.  I’m planning to make Monkey Bread in the morning, and then Cranberry Meatballs in the crock pot in the afternoon along with a vegetable pizza.  My mom is making the main dishes as well as some other appetizers, and I assume my sister and her husband will make some goodies as well.  Remember when I said I haven’t gained much weight yet?  Yeah, I think that’s about to change!

I haven’t planned a celebration with my dad or his side of the family.  I think I’ve mentioned we’re not all that close…  Although I do wonder how he is spending the holidays.

I’ll try to remember to take my camera, and actually use it this time, so perhaps I’ll have a few pictures to share of my holiday gatherings.

Merry Christmas all!  I wish you a safe and happy holiday!

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