Weekly Pregnancy Update – 18 Weeks

How far along: 18w0d

Baby’s size: 6.02 inches, 8.47 oz., about the size of a grapefruit.

Total weight gain: No change from last week, so up 3.7 lbs. from egg retrieval.  I really thought I would have gained with Christmas, but no…  Technically though I’m up a total of 9.9 lbs. from January 2014 when I started all the fertility meds.

18 weeksMaternity clothes: Yep, pants and tops!  Such a shame I can’t wear scrubs to work!

Stretch marks: I have to admit, the skin right around my belly button looks a little funny.  I fear something bad is happening!

Sleep: HA, still awful, but if you can believe it, it’s because I am STILL SICK.  Yes, still coughing, still stuffy, my head still hurts…  Blah, this is awful.  I just want drugs to feel better.  But, I’ll survive.

Symptoms/Feeling: Well, surprisingly enough, I threw up this morning while brushing my teeth.  Really thought I was over that, but maybe I’m one of those lucky ones!  Otherwise, just really wanting to get over this cold, or whatever it is I have, perhaps a sinus injection.  I did have a super weird dream last night.  I was in a nasty public bathroom, maybe a gas station, and a women was having a baby there, well, one of her twins.  I got the impression she had induce this herself, as once the first twin was out she handed it to me and left, said she only wanted one baby.  What the hell kind of dream is that??  As far as other symptoms, I’ve noticed quite a bit of lower back and hip pain during the past week.  The lower back pain is right in the center of my back just above my tailbone.  The hip pain is more on the side, right on my hip bones.  Why did I think this type of pain came much, much later when I’ve added lots more weight??

Best moment of this week: Last night Eric and I (I just supervised) finally had time to move the office furniture into the basement.  I’m so excited to set up baby girl’s room!!  No clue how it will be set up yet as I still didn’t make a determination on a crib and such, but exciting none the less!

Miss anything: I think I miss taking drugs to feel better…  I think this is at least week 3 of feeling icky.

Movement: Still nothing, and I swear I’ve been trying to pay attention.  Last night I even made Eric get the doopler out to reassure me baby girl is doing okay.  Of course, that doesn’t tell me how she is growing, and our next ultrasound isn’t for a few more weeks yet.

Food cravings: Since I still can’t smell, nothing has sounded all that good, except for maybe oranges while I tend to want each evening.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just brushing my teeth I guess.

Have you started to show yet: Sure have!

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: Let’s hope not for a long while yet!

Belly button in or out: In!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy or moody most of the time: I think more stressed than anything else.  I have a TON to look forward to this year, but also a lot which causes stress.  In fact, I just emailed the builder and told him we need to cut $100K from his estimate.  AHHHHH!

Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound on January 13th.  That feels like so long from now though.

Purchases for baby:  The Ergobaby 360 Carrier arrived, and I attempted to correctly position it on my body, minus baby, of course.  I don’t see how people use these alone, I feel like I’d surely need Eric there is help, and what would the point of that be?  Also, it seemed rather bulky.  Perhaps it’s something best used when baby is a little older although it claims it can’t be used from birth with the infant insert.  I’ve had my eye on this TULA ring sling.  I’m wondering if this would be easier with a newborn…  Any thoughts?

Eric’s reactions:  Eric has made a point to clean up after dinner each night.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m pregnant or what, but I’m not complaining!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Pregnancy Update – 18 Weeks

  1. I got a cloth carrier (I use the k’tan, but ring slings are great too) to use until she is 4 months or so. I’ll probably still use it after that, but then we’ll use the ergo too (it’s more manly for hubby).


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