I received an email today advertising birthstone jewelry for new moms…  Am I horrible for wanting my baby girl to be born a few days early so her stone is emerald for May rather than pearl for June?  I’m already picturing a beautiful emerald necklace…

Okay, back to real life now…

I seem to have a lot on my mind today, although strangely enough, I’m at work, yet none of my mind’s worries are work-related…  I suppose I should be thankful for such a stress-free role.  Or perhaps I’m making my role stress-free by ignoring the stressors, such as the Instant Message my boss just sent which makes zero sense.  This is not uncommon, however.

So what is on my mind…

  • A 3pm phone call today is scheduled with our builder, where I’ll tell him we’re over budget by $100K and we haven’t even broken ground yet.  I wonder how that will go??  Surely there are items that can be cut or reduced, right?  Anyone know which areas are good to cut and which shouldn’t be?  The last thing I want to do is jeopardize resale opportunities.
  • How is my nose still stuffy?  How am I still coughing?  And my head still hurts.  When will I be better???
  • Why can’t N just admit he is forgoing his season football tickets to pay for daycare?  Instead of making up this elaborate story about how the Hawks now suck.  And okay, maybe they do, but what true fan ditches them when they are down??  Maybe he just doesn’t want us all to know he can’t afford their new Lexus, daycare, and Burberry clothing.  (Gag me.)
  • I love that Debbie Downer is wearing her winter coat, in the office, with her space heater running full blast, while standing at her desk meant for seated work only (monitor and keyboard propped up with phone books) wearing tennis shoes with dress pants.  Classy.  And I shouldn’t know this, but her husband has already been to Dick’s and Best Buy today looking for a birthday gift for her son’s twin friends and Target and Walmart looking for a 32 inch TV wall mount.  Apparently Target doesn’t have it in stock and while Walmart does, they are charging more.  Oh, rich people problems.  Yesterday she was sending him all over town looking for the cheapest gas.  I have a strange feeling he spent more in gas getting to the cheapest location.  And really, unless you’re buying it by the barrel, does a few cents per gallon really make a difference?  (I’m not turning into a snob, am I?)
  • I’ve been meaning to post about my Christmas… one of these days, although there really isn’t that much to tell.  I lead a boring life it seems.
  • Speaking of my boring life, New Year’s Eve.  Plans have not yet been determined, but if they are up to me I’d pick to rent a movie (any suggestions?) and order in my favorite, pokey stix of course!  Eric might have other ideas though.  But since I go to bed around 9pm these days, maybe he can go out after 🙂

Back to work, as i see my boss is summoning me to post some icky entries.  I promise to share about Christmas soon!

10 thoughts on “Emerald

  1. I love your random thoughts, too funny!!! I never go out of my way for cheaper gas unless it’s like 5 or more cents cheaper, and even then I will try and strategically plan my way there on a specific day, or ask the hubs to do it for me, haha! Gas prices here have dropped so much since right before Thanksgiving, which is a huge win! Can’t wait to hear about your Christmas!! Xo


  2. Not really knowing your style, I love tahitian pearls. They make awesome “Mom Jewelry”. I have a June baby (plus two Decembers). You could learn to like pearls…I can’t remember the sem-precious stone for June but I think it Alexandrite.


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