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Good Story…

Here I sit, my car is running in the garage, as I wait an hour to head to work…  Allow me to tell you why.

Saturday afternoon Eric and I took Kona to get her nails clipped.  I always find this to be a pain, as Petsmart is close to where I usually need to run other errands, but yet then I have her with me and thus have to travel all the way back home.  So Eric met me there with Kona this time.  Our plan was for him to drop her back off at home so I could pick up a few things I needed at Target and then get groceries at Hy-Vee.  After Eric dropped Kona at home though he knew he had some time to spare, so he met a colleague out for a drink.

I got home around 6pm, made dinner and texted him it would be ready at 7pm.  He finally arrived home a little before 8pm, rewarmed dinner and said he wanted to meet the same guys back out once I went to bed, which is still normally pretty early these days 🙂  So around 9pm he left and I crawled into my warm bed.

Fast forward to 2am…  I hear men in my kitchen and living room, TV blaring, loud voices, but yet I couldn’t make out the words.  At 4am Eric finally came to bed and I was able to get back to sleep.

8am, my cell phone rings from an unknown caller…  I answer, cause it’s 8am and who calls me at 8am on a Sunday.  It’s a neighbor…  Telling me my front door is wide open (it’s like -8 F remember) and Kona is running the neighborhood.  Say what??  Yes, Eric’s colleague who stayed over apparently didn’t close the front door tightly and the wind had blown it open.  And of course Kona took the rare opportunity to escape and explore.

So in my panic (as you know how I love my Kona) I wake up Eric and jump in the car to search for her.  Eric took his sweet old time though, as he always does, and as luck would have it, I see her from my rear view mirror in the field across from our home.  I jump out of the car and run to her, yelling TREATS.

With Kona safely back home I assess the kitchen…  Here’s what I found:

  • a sticky red, kool-aid like substance on the better half of the counters and floor
  • a paring knife, on the freaking floor
  • a pizza pan, half full of uneaten tatter-tots on the stove
  • an empty bottle of scotch on the counter

Not thrilled with the display in the kitchen, but happy Kona was home, I retreated to the couch.  I wanted to reprimand Eric for his, and his guest’s behavior, but he is an adult and doesn’t have many opportunities to party these days, so I held my tongue even though I wanted to scream, but the front door was open!  What must the neighbors think???

So now it’s Monday morning, I hate Monday mornings as it is, but I actually got my butt outta bed on time today and was in my car ready to leave by 7am when I realized in my fury to get Kona yesterday, I hadn’t noticed the seat belt was caught in the car door.  Yes, it was open all yesterday thus draining my battery.  So here I sit, $50 later, waiting the hour the tech told me it would take for my battery to recharge.  Isn’t life grande sometimes?

11 thoughts on “Good Story…

  1. Oh no, how infuriating! Did he at least have to clean up his own mess? I’m glad you were able to get Kona back without incident and that your neighbor called to let you know about the door!

    1. He better plan to clean it up tonight or I won’t be holding my tongue much longer!

  2. Oh lord. We had one of those Sunday-Mondays too minus the drunken male stupidity. Hope your day gets better!!

    1. Thank you! And isn’t it funny how men never really do grow up!?

      1. It is. Mine threw a 3-year old-style tantrum when his car would not start yesterday, refused to call the automobile association to whom we pay hundreds of dollars every year for this kind of emergency because he was sure it would just fix itself (at -30 Celsius, I don’t think so) and then called so late that the wait time was 12 hours… so I was late for work because I had to do his job (drive kid to care) and then drive us both to work. Only a man would do this instead of resolving this yesterday. And mine was SOBER – even worse! I do hope the rest of this week is much better for you. Also really glad Kona was safe.

        1. Oh gosh, I’m laughing now, sorry. This totally sounds like something Eric would do. And I feel better knowing I’m not the only one with a husband who makes not the greatest decisions all the time 🙂

          1. Seriously, they really are like little boys in men’s bodies sometimes, aren’t they?

  3. Oh man, my pregnancy rage would not have kept me quiet. you’re a better woman than me!

    1. Maybe I’ve just had more practice, as Eric pisses me off weekly!

  4. OOh you are stronger than I! I would NOT have held my tongue at all!

    1. Well, he will be cleaning the kitchen tonight, so there will be words!

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