19w2d – Stuff on my mind

Pointless post about my wondering mind today…  I won’t feel one bit bad if you skip reading, as I won’t even know 🙂

  • Have you ever thought someone was super smart, and then you realize they’re a complete idiot trapped in a nerd body?  Case in point, co-worker N.  If he would just take notes when I train him!
  • I’ve had 3 unread voice messages on my cell phone for the past month.  I see I can now listen to one (stupid Sprint issue) but the other two remain unattainable.  I can see one of the unattainable is from my father.  I have no desire to call him back….
  • I fear later I’m going to regret this Diet Coke.  Sleep hasn’t been my friend lately.  Apparently I’ve developed restless leg syndrome, according to me.
  • How can I get paid to blog, as I enjoy it much more than my actual full-time job as a financial analyst?
  • Why do the individual size bags of baked Lay’s contain all of only ten chips?  Is that how they keep the calorie count low?
  • OMG, did she really just turn off her heater?  But wait, her winter parka is going on.  Debbie can’t be leaving for the day, could I really be that lucky??
  • How am I going to get my butt to shrink back down to a size 4 after baby is born?  Is this were that wrap thing that sucks the life out of you comes in handy?  Has anyone used one?
  • The Snicker bar in my desk drawer has been calling my name all week.  One day I will surrender.
  • Why do I find it so hard to read infertility blogs lately?
  • FedEx should be delivering my BabyJogger Summit X3 jogging stroller today!  (Am I allowed to take it for a spin before baby is born??  That would be weird, right??)
  • I ordered a fitness tracker, the new Fitbit Surge.  Anyone have one?  FSA dollars should cover it, it’s my attempt to get healthier for the new year 🙂  Fitbit’s interactive website looks a little outdated though… we’ll see.
  • If I could do college over, I think I’d study the arts, photography or interior design maybe…  My Finance training hasn’t proved all that thrilling so far.
  • WeatherBug tells me it feels like -24 F.  Brrrr…
  • Overstock really needs to stop sending me coupons.  My overwhelming temptation to buy this baby glider is going to get the best of me soon.  And I seriously shouldn’t be spending this kind of money on a rocker.  But isn’t it styling???
  • Am I going to have a terrible headache until baby is born?
  • Maybe next I’ll write about something that matters…

10 thoughts on “19w2d – Stuff on my mind

  1. Have you heard of taking magnesium for headaches? I went to my OB around 20 weeks for constant headaches, and they told me to take magnesium 2x a day and to use a humidifier. Both have really helped, so I would check with your OB to see if it’s an option. Magnesium also helps with constipation (think I’ve seen this in your posts before). Feel better 🙂


  2. OOOhhhh, I am loving that glider. She is a beauty!!! I think you HAVE TO have it. Just kidding, but it is really pretty and it looks so comfortable. You could sit in it while feeding your cherub and studying the arts maybe???


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