How many laptops should one household, of two people, own?  We have three currently.  The original I’ve owned forever, perhaps since I got divorced in 2008.  That’s forever for a computer, in my opinion.  When I met Eric he started using it at my place to work, and somehow it stopped working.  Ya know, got progressively slower and slower and then one day just died, that blue screen.

We purchased another.  We mostly fought over it as Eric tended to work more and more from home at night, (we were living together by this point) the same time I wanted to ‘work’ and by work I mean shop online, browse Facebook, blog, you get the idea.  He loaded tons of work ‘crap’ on it, lots of large documents, research papers and sources, medical journals, etc.  And shockingly enough, it became slower and slower and now will rarely load an email in under five minutes.  No joke.

So we purchased another.  Eric picked it this time, something cheap that he claimed would have everything we needed, and then some.  When it arrived I decided it was going to be mine, he was not to touch it.  That lasted all of a week.  He has taken over rights to that one, loaded all his same work ‘crap’ on it.  Thankfully it’s still working, cross your fingers.  Problem is, he’s always on it, leaving me without a reliable computer.  Yes, Facebook and blogging are important!

If I could just find the recovery disk, I’d wipe it clean of his crap and start over.  That would work, right???

5 thoughts on “Laptops

  1. Just get a new one for yourself. They have a shelf life anyway, I’m gonna trade in my 2010 laptop soon. We have 2 laptops and a desktop computer but I live a techy gamer boy so there’s a need I guess :).


  2. Maybe instead of a laptop buy your self a tablet…. I have a Samsung galaxy notebook 2014 and I love it!! I rarely ever use our laptop anymore.


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