Heartburn & Apple Cider Vinegar

Ugh, my heartburn. It’s always been bad, long before this pregnancy, but it’s getting worse… The medication I’ve been on for years just doesn’t seem to be controlling it now, so in my quest to find relief I may need to resort to other methods.

Several friends/fellow bloggers have suggested I try apple cider vinegar. I’ve been reluctant so far though, for several reasons. The last time my gastroenterologist scoped my esophagus, stomach, etc., he stressed treating heartburn with medications meant to suppress acid, for the sole purpose of preventing internal damage. See, I understand that acid reducers, like Tums, don’t solve the problem, they are quick fixes rather, but they prevent damage which can lead to cancer and even death.

Last night when I got into bed I complained to Eric of my heartburn. (Somehow complaining does make me feel better!) Anyway, I asked him what he thought of trying apple cider vinegar and his first response was, “Hum, more acid to cause more damage doesn’t sound like a good idea.” Curious though, I performed a very quick Google search and came across this article. Now keep in mind my search was quick and I did not verify any sources of information…

The site is basically saying that the medical field has acid reflux all wrong, that those with such issues are actually suffering from not enough acid in their stomach. The article states that, “…when the stomach is lacking in acid, it must churn violently to make the best use of its limited acid. This in-turn causes pressure and back flows of the existing acid.”

Um, really, cause I feel like I have plenty of acid! In fact, I happen to know my true issue, from the scopes performed, is that my lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which is supposed to close once food passes, doesn’t always, thus allowing acid to creep back up. So in my case, adding more acid doesn’t seem logical.

Before I completely dis this suggestion from so many though, I’m going to try it tonight, assuming I’ll have heartburn, which is 99.9% likely. The article suggests a “tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and chase it with a glass of water.”

I’ll report back with my findings, but in the meantime, has anyone tried this, and if so, what was your experience?

15 thoughts on “Heartburn & Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. No experience with ACV and heartburn, and I only recently started getting it bad, but I’m on ranitidine (zantac) and it’s working well . . .maybe changing things up would be good? When they scoped you did they find any evidence of celiac? My brother discovered his celiac after his esophagus basically shut due to scar tissue from acid reflux. It had never occured to me that this could happen, so I always mention it when people say they have horrible reflux.


    1. Interesting… No, celiac was never mentioned after my scope. I know I could try to test that out on my own, cut out certain foods and see if I feel better, but I’m weak and love carbs, I won’t lie! I read a book awhile back, The Wheat Belly, very interesting. Made me wonder then if just what I’m eating is causing my heartburn.


  2. I’m definitely no expert on this but i was talking with my naturopath last week and we were discussing things to help my immune system during cold season (like you, I’ve been sick for weeks now). she suggested apple cider vinegar. my only concern was it’s not pasteurized. she looked into it and nothing really said “no” don’t take it in pregnancy but nothing said it was safe so we decided to pass.


    1. I have heard apple cider vinegar has lots of health benefits! I’m still not convinced it cures heartburn though! Regardless though, thank you for sharing this information. I’m still tempted to try it tonight, if only a tablespoon. If it doesn’t help I’d obviously forgo any more of it.


      1. yes, it supposed to be awesome stuff! interested to see if it helps out. I’m having my fair share of heartburn too. it really is the worst!


  3. Call me weird, but I love apple cider vinegar! I used to drink it straight as a kid and still use it on salads (with salt, pepper and dill) to make a vinaigrette without the oil. I’m curious if you find any relief from it as my husband has really bad heartburn and the only thing that works for him is prevacid. Please post sometime what you thought of it if you do try it!

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    1. I am curious if this will work, but honestly, the more I think about it, the more I don’t see how it could work. If my stomach wanted more acid, wouldn’t it feel better, not worse, when I ate acidic foods? I’ll be sure to post my results soon!


  4. Both my husband and I have taken it for acid reflux. Works like a charm for me. You can also find it in pill form as to not irritate the esophagus as much. I ALWAYS dilute my ACV with cold water (easier to swallow) and completely safe for use during pregnancy. It’s great for controlling blood sugar levels, the ph balance in your body, great for your skin and digestive track! It has a ton of health benefits. I took it for about a year straight, I did take a week or so off here and there because I sing, and it sometimes would make my throat a little scratchy (especially on days when I didn’t measure out how much I was taking). I highly suggest diluting it and even adding cinnamon and honey to it as well 🙂


    1. Okay, I’m going to try this tonight. I’m still doubting it though. I mean, if more acid was the answer, then how come my reflux is worse when I eat acidic foods? Shouldn’t those make it better? Or perhaps there is something specific about the ACV… Hum…

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  5. I took acv and it didnt work for me. It made indegestion worse. I think you have to take it a while before it works.. When i was pregnant i would just eat less. And not to eat or drink 3 hours before bedtime. That seemed to help. i slept propped up. I also never ate till i was full. And i stood away from spicy acidic foods. Good luck


  6. What side do you sleep on? From my experience sleeping on my left eases the heartburn. If you are a back sleeper, prop your head up above your stomach to ease the acid flow. I’ve always used more natural remedies like calcium magnesium chews or dietary changes. I have an acidic stomach base and have always been told to steer clear of vinegars.


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