Apple Cider Vinegar Experiment for Curing Heartburn

I promised I’d report back regarding the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar on heartburn…  I hate to break it to you, but I would not recommend this treatment.

A few nights ago, after dinner, I decided I needed to finally give this a try.  With awful heartburn in check I downed one tablespoon of straight apple cider vinegar and proceeded to chase it with a full glass of water.  First, the taste was AWFUL but would be tolerable if the cure was effective.  I waited a full 30 minutes with nothing more to eat or drink and remained upright, as I was watching TV on the couch.  I honestly felt no relief.  I wouldn’t say it made me feel worse, but it definitely didn’t make my heartburn better.  Before I went to bed I chugged a few mouthfuls of Maalox along with a handful of Tums and finally felt some relief shortly there after.

I realize that heartburn, along with all pain, is subjective and therefore impossible to compare or measure, but based on this experiment, I won’t be relying on apple cider vinegar to cure my heartburn.

4 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar Experiment for Curing Heartburn

  1. Poo! I’m sad it didn’t work for you! If you happen to ever take it again for the other benefits, I would still suggest you dilute in water and not just chase it with water. 🙂 Hopefully the heart burn ceases soon or you find a nice routine that works wonders (and don’t forget to share what does work!!!). XO


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