22w0d ~ What’s Normal?

I fully believe I could be paranoid, so I’m looking to you ladies to calm my fears…

At my 20 week ultrasound, which was two weeks ago now, the U/S tech seemed rather surprised that baby’s head was right up against my cervix.  So adding that with my shortened cervix, well, I’m a mess of worry.  Today I just feel different though, not right somehow, but how do I know what’s right I guess?  My belly has been tightening on and off for the past week or so, which everyone tells me is normal, but today it seems tight more often than not, although I wouldn’t say there is a consistent pattern to the tightening.  Also though, I feel a lot of pressure in my pelvis, more so when I’m upright, either sitting or walking.  Is this pressure just because baby is getting heavier now?  I guess it just feels very awkward to me, as if she is truly in my pelvis, far lower than I expect her to be at this point.  I’m just panicking, right?

17 thoughts on “22w0d ~ What’s Normal?

  1. It’s all probably normal. . . And i am a firm believer in trusting your intuition! It’s at least worth a call to your doc’s on call line and maybe L&D!

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  2. I highly recommend calling your OB tomorrow for an appt. I started having pressure around 25 weeks, which apparently is quite common. But given that we are high risk and I was already being monitored for cervical length, the nurses and I thought it was prudent to get checked out. Turned out to just be normal pregnancy aches. Better to be overly anxious and safe than the alternative!

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          1. I hope so too! But don’t feel like a freak!! It is way better to be safe then sorry & I am sure your doctor feels the same way!


  3. Around about this time is when Braxton-Hicks kicks in — so the regular tightening of your stomach can be a completely and entirely natural and correct thing. But part of why you have maternal care during your pregnancy is so that you can call and get information and reassurance about this sort of thing, so never be afraid to do so!


  4. Start timing them. I didn’t know I was in preterm labor vs braxton hicks until I timed them and realized they were in regular intervals less than 5 minutes apart. If they are sporadic throughout the day then that would be normal. Agree with everyone else though, if you don’t have an email back this morning worth it to call. Do they have a nurse line where you can ask questions?


  5. I would follow up with a phone call as well. Probably okay, I remember starting to feel much more uncomfortable around the halfway mark. But it can’t hurt to go ahead and get checked out. Keep us posted.


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