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Response from my doctor’s office

This is what I emailed to my doctor’s office last night…

I assume I’m just being paranoid but wanted to ask a few questions…

For the past week I’ve felt a lot of tightening in my belly. It seems more random than consistent. Today though I noticed quite a bit of pressure in my pelvis. Is this just because baby is getting heavier? Walking and sitting have been uncomfortable at times due to this pressure. Just wanted to make sure I shouldn’t be concerned.


And this is the response I just received back…

What you describe sounds like round ligament pain/spasms which is a common discomfort during pregnancy. This happens as the baby grows and sometimes positions him/herself differently in the uterus. We recommend the use of a pregnancy support belt which supports your growing uterus and lower back. Resting on your side with pillows between the knees can also be comfortable. Sometimes, more frequent rest periods at work can help with the symptoms. If you need a letter for your employer to accommodate this, we are happy to assist with this.
Pelvic pressure can also be a sign of a urinary tract infection. There may be symptoms such as burning or pain with urination but sometimes in pregnancy, you do not have these symptoms. If you would like to be seen to rule out a urinary tract infection, please call our clinic and we will assist you with scheduling this.

This doesn’t seem all that helpful, and I’m sure hoping they actually reviewed my chart before responding.  I went to bed early last night though and now I’d say I feel fairly normal.  I’ll see how I feel as the day progresses…  Thankfully I work a few feet from the emergency room 🙂

18 thoughts on “Response from my doctor’s office

  1. I guess they aren’t too concerned, huh? When is your next appointment?

    1. Next Tuesday is my next appointment. We shall see…

      1. I guess so. Less then a week!! =)

  2. your shortened cervix aside, all of what you’re feeling is considered normal. my dr. had the same sentiments about all of my symptoms as well. you’re going to have pressure as the baby grows and moves. every few days for months now i have a rock hard belly that feels like it’s going to rip apart. i have considered a belt but am just too lazy to look for one haha. i would do the test for a UTI just in case. that can certainly be bad, and put you into labor if untreated , so why not rule it out? i learned long ago to not to try and make a problem when there isn’t one. if your dr. is relaxed then you can be too. if you’re really concerned just go to L&D. they can check things out and you can relax.

    1. Yes, I’m very glad I was checked for a UTI and starting an antibiotic today! I hope I feel a little better soon!

  3. I would make an appointment if you continue to have symptoms or concerns. This is why I hate email for important medical communications unless I have direct email contact with my doctor personally. I might see if I can get in before next Tuesday if I were stressed.

  4. From experience the round ligament pain does describe your symptoms and I often felt tightening and pulling and dull aches. They’ll check you out in a week. Don’t worry.

  5. I guess that’s good news? It’s so frustrating getting emails back that don’t really answer your questions!

    1. I know! I guess I shouldn’t really email when I have specific questions, as it seems like they just give the standard answer.

  6. Could the tightening in your belly be braxton hicks? You can get them in the 2nd trimester. They tend to be random in nature like you described.

    The pelvic pressure my friend felt from 2nd trimester almost all the way til birth. Wasn’t fun for her but was considered normal. Hope it goes away for you!

  7. I’m sorry but I would think they’d be more cautious, knowing that you had cervical shortening. I would rather be safe than sorry. Did they even look at your chart? Is it possible they don’t realize that you have the added concern?

  8. I got the “upsie belly” support band from belly bandit and I really like it! I feels snug and supportive. And after the birth you can turn it around and wear it as a belly slimmer.

    1. I’m going to google that this afternoon, thank you for the suggestion!

  9. I happen to think given your shortened cervix you should go get it checked out. Let them tell you that it’s just growing pains and not something else once they have seen you. I think if you are worried enough to mention it you should go with your gut and get it checked in person.

  10. I had that pressure- was told it is completely normal when not accompanying cramps or bleeding. And my friend had the same cervix issue and was in bed rest approx last 8 weeks- she had him 3 weeks early. Hope you find some peace of mind on the meantime. My battle = throwing up whatever is in stomach if I lay down.

    1. Um, I think I’d rather have this pelvic pressure than throwing up. Hopefully this doesn’t last too much longer for you!

      1. And- totally forgot to mention I had a “slight” possible uti as well. They had me do mikd antibiotics, sent to lab, and checked cultures a few times a few days apart and then they just never called to update me. Needless to say I called them since they left me under impression that “if I needed to continue taking” ummmm- yea that doesn’t work
        for me. Call me either way. Sorry for the ramble- but that was my uti experience. Ugh

  11. That actually sounds pretty helpful to me — two potential causes were identified, both were noted as being completely natural/normal, and for both you were given options regarding what you could do to address the issue.

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