Eric told me last night I really should be seen to rule out a urinary tract infection (UTI), just to be on the safe side, even though for the most part I’m not feeling nearly as much pelvic pressure as I was earlier in the week. I called this morning and a doctor, not mine, but another here at the hospital had an opening at 8:30am.

I really thought it would just be a quick pee in a cup and leave, but after reviewing my chart they had other ideas, to more thoroughly check me. So after weight, blood pressure, and all that fun stuff I was shown to a room. The doctor came in and said she had some concerns regarding my shortened cervix and the pelvic pressure I’ve been feeling, as that can be a sign of premature labor. She decided it was best to check my cervix and also do the urine culture to rule out an UTI. A little background, at each of my visits for the past several months I’ve been given the standard pee cup to fill, and each time the results are inconclusive, meaning they can’t rule in or out an infection and thus they agree to recheck at the next visit. So, since they haven’t gotten a good sample from me since the start of this pregnancy, the doctor decided it was best to use a catheter to get a clean sample today.

They checked my cervix first. (Does that always feel like they are reaching for your lungs???) Thankfully my cervix is closed, not dilated, and she estimated it’s still at about 2cm. All reassuring but I’m still anxious for my ultrasound to recheck it Tuesday.

As for gathering urine using a catheter, it was seriously not as bad as I was picturing. Eric being a urologist we have lots of catheters and other medical supplies in our home, and let me tell you, they make some really large catheters! This one though was tiny, very thin, and connected to the collection tube. I honestly hardly felt a thing. Although here is the strange part… When I arrived at my appointment I felt like my bladder was full, but the nurse could hardly gather any urine, stating a catheter will empty your bladder and therefore there must not really be much in there. So we get enough to test, but after I left the office I stopped in the bathroom and was able to pass quite a bit of urine. So… who knows!

They tested my urine quickly in the office and concluded it contained both blood (which I’ve never seen any of) and bacteria. It will be sent away to culture further but I was given an antibiotic to start today for the next week to treat the infection. Hopefully this fullness and pressure subsides a bit once I’m finished with the antibiotics!

13 thoughts on “UTI

  1. Although it’s a bummer that it appears you have a UTI, I hope that was the cause of the pelvic pain and you are all set for the next few months!! What a morning you had!


  2. I would be so pissed if I needed a catheter to get a urine sample! Other than the one with my spinal where I couldn’t feel anything, I’ve had bad experiences. One of my nurse friends finally figured out that I probably need the really small size one so going forward that is what I’ll be asking for!


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