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Maternity Photography

I’ve gone back and forth on maternity photography. I have this thing with pictures though, I love them. And have you noticed I’m STILL using my engagement and wedding photos on here from almost four years ago now?? I feel like it’s time Eric and I have some updates taken, and I was thinking, what better time!

And then I mentioned it to Eric…

He was not fond of the idea. I believe the word he used was ‘silly’. He frankly just doesn’t understand why I would want pictures of this time in my life. From my perspective, I thought it was obvious.

So that was our discussion Tuesday evening, and I’ve been feeling bad ever since. I guess I have this fairytale in my head of him being as emotionally into this pregnancy as me. Are men just not wired that way? Is Eric really all this different from other husbands? Now, keep in mind my idea for these pictures are we’d be fully clothed, think engagement photos, but my belly just happens to be larger! I really don’t feel like I’m asking that much of him… But even last night he said he didn’t want the picture where the husband is kissing the wife’s belly…

How others experienced this pull back from their husbands? I can’t be the only one, right?? Would it be wrong to just have some pictures of me taken? I would love some memories from this time, and while Eric said he would go, now knowing he won’t enjoy it kind of ruins the experience for me. His suggestion was to wait until after the baby is born and have family pictures taken then. And I’ll like those too, but there is still a part of me that longs for memories of this time.

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  1. My husband does’t “get it” either, but knows it is important to me so he will do it, and I will only ask him to be in a few of the pictures. Though I still haven’t readdressed the subject of his wanting to wear his hat. Yes, I’m still putting that off!

    As for your situation, I have several thoughts. 1) To show him you are interested in having tasteful, modest photos taken you could find some couples pregnancy photos you like and send him a few images. This should alleviate his concerns, since what you’re thinking (similar to wedding/engagement photos) and what he’s thinking (bare belling kissing,etc) when it comes to the pictures are very different things. 2) If he’s worried about the time commitment or something you could do the couples poses first, let him go on his way and then do the solo pictures after. 3) If he really doesn’t want to be in any photos, don’t let that stop you from having them done on your own. Your wanting to have the pictures taken is not silly. It’s important to you, so I hope you won’t let his dissent stop you from bringing it up again. Good luck, and let us know how the follow-up conversation goes!

    1. Thank you, and good suggestions! I think I should be able to find a few good examples on pinterest for him to see.

  2. I went through something similar. My husband said he didn’t think I really looked pregnant when I suggested it at 30 weeks along. I was pretty devastated and didn’t end up doing them. The only pictures I have are the ones I took myself every few weeks. As I look back I’m disappointed I didn’t go ahead and do them anyways. I hope your husband goes along with them so you can look back and remember this time in your lives.

    1. I’m so sorry you are disappointed. This is exactly what I’m afraid of, that I’ll regret it later if I don’t have them taken.

  3. After everything you went through to achieve that bump, you have every right to want to memorialize it! When he’s the one growing the tiny human, he can call the shots, but until then, I say go get your pictures taken! He can suck it up and smile for a few hours!

    1. LOL, I do feel like telling him that! I’ll wait a few days and perhaps bring it up again.

  4. We have done maternity and newborn pics with both kids. Craig was in a few of them but it is more about you. I don’t think we even talked about it I set it up and told him when to be there. He doesn’t care either way but will do what I want. Most photographers have a package that is maternity and newborn together. Sell it to him as a package deal. I love looking at him still and we have pics in each of the kids bedrooms. It is a special time and you need to get some pics to remember it.

    1. Eric made the comment that no one does this. I just want to scream at him sometimes to open his eyes and realize maybe he just doesn’t know what people do 😉

      1. I don’t like that he said, it…but rather can relate. There have been so many times my husband has uttered those words and all I can think is, “you don’t talk to people, so how the hell do you know what they do?!!!”

  5. Awww- I’d i lived close I would take em for you! My hubs was a little apprehensive about the cheesy poses but since he married a photographer he knew that shit was gonna happen!! Hahah! And I STILLS haven’t done them!! If you can’t convince him then do some of your own- especially having a girl, she will cherish those one day when she becomes a mother as well.

    1. Good point. I didn’t consider our daughter cherishing them some day.

  6. we only have our wedding photos from over 10 years ago, so i have been thinking about maternity. however, i’m so picky about spending money on them, i only want my awesome photographer friend to take them, and trying to pin her down on a date when she’s traveling everywhere taking photos is hard! i don’t mind having them done on my own, though hopefully hubby will also be there and can take some with me.

  7. I’m a photographer and as far as actual maternity photos go for me I’m not sure I’ll be doing a portrait session of the bump itself but even with our first we did a family photo session just before our little guy arrived – including our fur-baby…We’ll do the same again this time – a family photo. I love family photos though so I tend to lean towards that type of photo – I’m also a believer in photos being on the wall to be seen so photos on our wall aren’t photos of my bump but photos that say ‘this is our family’. I’ve also don’t the bump timeline photos with my little boy which will go on the wall and I think it’s a really precious memory for him and I – and it’s kept him involved with his little sister coming into our lives and given him a ‘big brother’ role early. But that’s just things important to me and my family as far as photos go. All that said – I’ve done some lovely maternity sessions for mums to be, but rarely have I found a husband that was too interested in them so I do a quick few couples photos that don’t push the husbands tolerance too much and then we do her photos. Most photographers will do a mix – I’d recommend doing that ‘before’ family photo to have a photo of you all and then getting some maternity photos done for yourself – most husbands/partners will happily oblige for a family photo – remind him you’ll never look like this family again so it needs to be captured 🙂

    1. Very good advice. And it makes me feel better knowing my husband isn’t the only guy not totally excited for this!

  8. I’m not doing a photo shoot, but like to take done nice pictures whenever we’re dressed up so we have the memories. I also will probably make him take some of me alone in the next few weeks when we get a chance, just so I can look back and remember! But plenty of people do formal ones. I would say I’m in the minority not doing them.

  9. It is an emotional process for women, but not as much for men for obvious reasons. You should do the, for you while pregnant and then do the whole family when baby girl arrives.

  10. Maternity photos are one thing that I didn’t do that I wish I had. But they aren’t really the done thing in the Netherlands, and it was going to be too much work to try to put it together with the language barrier and everything. I was, for awhile, pretty disappointed about that. And then, around 6 months pregnant, I attended a huge (every 5 years type huge) conference which had an artist-photographer roaming the talks, collecting images for an exhibition on the lives of scientists. He was asking some individuals if they’d be willing to sit for posed photos for the exhibition and I (being young, female, AND pregnant) certainly filled a niche no one else would’ve. So I spent about half an hour getting my portrait taken, and afterwards I was given the images he selected for the exhibition. I’m so so glad that I have them. Nearly 4 years out, it’s sometimes hard for me to remember that my body once looked like that. I’m glad I have photographic proof, and *nice* photographic proof.

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