Weekly Pregnancy Update – 23 Weeks

How far along: 23w0d

Baby’s size: 11.81 in. (crown to heel), 1.32 lbs., about the size of an eggplant.

Total weight gain: I gained 1.3 lbs. last week so up 10.3 lbs. from egg retrieval.

23 weeksStretch marks: Nothing new since the start of this pregnancy!

Sleep: Depends on the night, getting up 3+ times to pee each night though, blah.

Symptoms/Feeling: Having to go to the bathroom much more often now.  Still feeling the tightness of my belly, but it’s not consistent or painful, so not worrying for the time being.  I’m surprised how difficult it is already to get out of bed or off the couch, or even putting on shoes!  Getting my winter boots on and off is the worst, and my winter coat is just barely zipping now!  Overall though, I’m getting more excited.  The reality of a baby in my life is hitting me more lately, although also is my to do list before she arrives.

Best moment of this week: Not sure if this relates to baby really but Saturday morning I packed up my computer and headed to Panera to relax for a bit.  There is just something about getting away on my own, although I enjoy when Eric joins me too.  It was peaceful there, sipping a latte, browsing the internet, picking out dinner recipes for the week, and I even made time to email a few newborn photographers.  I’m so hoping after baby comes that I’ll still get these moments from time to time.  Any possibility I can take baby with me on these outings??

Miss anything: Breathing.  My nose is so stuffy all the time, which I’m told is normal, but oh so annoying.  Could be worse though!

Movement: Last night while watching the Super Bowl I felt two rather strong kicks up near my ribs, or I assume they were kicks since I’m thinking she is still head down.  I was hoping Eric would get to feel too, but we couldn’t coax her to do it again on command 😉

Food cravings: Still eating two oranges every night!

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: Still the tightening of my stomach and from time to time pressure in my pelvis.  Very anxious for our ultrasound tomorrow afternoon to recheck the length of my cervix.  Please pray it’s still at 2cm!

Belly button in or out: Still in and it better stay that way!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, although stressed too.  Definitely getting more excited for baby, seems more real as we’re getting closer, only 4 months now!

Looking forward to: We’re meeting with our builder this Saturday, as he seems to have a unique solution for us.  I’ll write more when I know more, after Saturday.  His idea though is to sell us one of his spec homes to live in for a year or two while we save cash and build, and then he’d buy the spec home back, for what we paid, from us when our build is complete.  Sounds like an awesome opportunity, I’ll know more soon!

Purchases for baby:  Last week was expensive, as I finally broke down and purchased the stroller that matches our car seat, the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista.  I’m not gonna lie, it was pricey, but it arrived Friday and I’m happy to report it was worth every penny in my opinion.  The car seat, toddler seat, and bassinet snap in and out so easily, the bassinet can be used off the stroller for sleeping, it folds quickly, wheels come off with one hand, just really feels quality.  And the best part, it converts to a double when we have our second child!  If you haven’t decided on a travel system yet, I HIGHLY recommend the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat and Vista stroller.  (Make sure to purchase the 2015 model, as it has all the updates, like converting to a double, which the older model doesn’t offer.)

Eric’s reactions:  I can tell he’s getting more excited.  Actually, yesterday he took our chocolate lab, Kona, outside to play in the snow, all 11 inches or so of it!  I was picturing him playing with our children outside…  It got me really excited for our future!

15 thoughts on “Weekly Pregnancy Update – 23 Weeks

  1. My baby doesn’t like to kick on command either! Stubborn children! =) I hope that your cervix measurement is great tomorrow! I will be thinking about you!!


  2. Yes, you can take the baby on those types of outings. I’ve taken Mackenzie out for lunch a few times and also shopping on several occasions. If the weather was nicer (hating this foot of snow from the last two days) we would be outside with the stroller.

    I hope your ultrasound goes well tomorrow and your cervix measurement is just fine!

    Thanks to your post I want Panera now!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s sad it comes from a bag! I love their creamy tomato soup and bread bowl. I’m also a big fan of the chicken avocado salad and the chipolte chicken and cheese sandwich. My favorite food item of theirs is the asiago cheese bagels though. So good!!!


  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for your appt tomorrow! I love the uppababy! We were going to get it but decided the Baby Jogger City Select was a better option for twins!


  4. Absolutely you can take baby out with you for this sort of thing! Especially during the first few months, when they sleep a lot, and, if you’re lucky, will sleep in a sling. If you get into the habit of doing these sorts of things when they’re young and it’s relatively easy, it’ll be easier to keep in the habit when they’re older. My daughter’s now 3, and we both enjoy occasionally stopping at a cafe for a cup of hot chocolate after a long morning’s errands (or, as last weekend, after an unexpected early Saturday morning visit to the dr. for an ear infection).

    Liked by 1 person

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