Fetal fibronectin – Response from doctor

Even though I was hesitant to make suggestions to my doctor, I was brave and emailed her regarding the fetal fibronectin test to see if it would be helpful in my situation.  Here is her response:

Fetal fibronectin is a test that can sometimes help us know if someone is going into preterm labor. It doesn’t really help us with shortened cervical length to predict what will happen. It’s most often used when someone comes in with preterm contractions and we’re trying to distinguish preterm labor contractions vs. “Braxton hicks” preterm contractions. And its most useful when it’s negative – to say that someone is not in preterm labor; however, if it’s positive it is not predictive of preterm labor (that’s kind of confusing – I hope that made sense).

So I do not see this test in my future.  One thing on my list ruled out 🙂

8 thoughts on “Fetal fibronectin – Response from doctor

  1. Well I guess at least they responded fairly quickly! You are right – it doesn’t sound like they are going to be doing the test on you. Oh well – it definitely didn’t hurt to ask!!

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  2. I’m glad you asked and glad she responded in an informative and useful way. And like you said, now you won’t be wondering indefinitely if this was or is a course of diagnosis that should be pursued. I’m proud of you for inquiring about it!


  3. I think their answer makes sense! But by that logic can’t see a use in steroids, which they’d only give it they thought the baby was coming. Have they talked more about that or are they just waiting to see what your next measurement is?


    1. I think the steroids are just in case baby is born early. Since they don’t have any way to know how early though, they aren’t sure when to give them. The way I understood it, some women carry to term with a shortened cervix, and some don’t, but they don’t have good ways to know which I’ll be.


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