Divorce ~ Part 1

I haven’t written much regarding my life before Eric, before infertility and all that has followed.  Maybe I wasn’t ready to talk about it, or perhaps didn’t feel it was relevant.  I started this blog over a year ago to help me deal with infertility, our failed IUIs, and thus the start of our IVF journey.  Nowhere in that discussion did I think to mention my prior-life, but to be honest with myself, how I got to ‘here’ probably matters a lot more than I realize.

I’d need a 300+ page novel to really explain how I got to ‘here’, but for your sake I’ll summarize for now and perhaps elaborate in time, notice this is just ‘part 1’.  But oh gosh, how do I even summarize?  Is there a word limit on these posts???

I’m divorced.  Eric is my second husband.  And after my divorce, before I met Eric, I was engaged to M.  Thankfully I realized before it was too late that M wasn’t right for me.  Thankfully I had the courage to break off that engagement.  Thankfully I met Eric.  But that isn’t exactly where the story ends.  Apparently life’s hardest lessons can’t be tucked away in a shoebox; life isn’t always happily ever after.

I met my first husband, J, when I was a junior in college.  I worked at Younkers part-time with E.  E and her husband, A, were very close friends with J.  They’d all gone to high school together and remained close through the college years.  E decided the four of us needed to have dinner and drinks together one evening, and while I was reluctant, I agreed.  It was dinner and drinks, no harm possible, right?

Following all the characters??  HEHE

The four of us met for pizza and beer at Charley’s, although I think now it’s known by another name, and I assume different owners.  I haven’t been back since…  I can’t recall many of the details of that night, it was fourteen years ago now!  I can recall how I felt though.  J was kind, a little quiet, but quite attractive.  Definitely worth seeing again.  A week or so later he and I went out to dinner alone, to Chili’s I believe, but again, I don’t recall much more from the evening except that we stayed up all night talking about anything and everything.

~ to be continued ~

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