Holding Steady

So finally a little good news…  My cervix is holding steady at 1.4 cm.  Still too short, but definitely good that it didn’t shorten any further in the past week.  My OB and the MFM specialist still think baby girl will be born early, but how early, they just don’t know.  There are basically two categories of women with a short cervix during pregnancy… those that go full-term, and those that don’t.  And apparently the best way to tell which category you’ll be in is if you’ve had a previous pre-term delivery.  So, should baby girl be born early, and should I experience this same issue in a future pregnancy, the treatment plan at that time would be more aggressive.  Oh, the things I look forward to!

So the plan for now is to recheck my cervical length again, but they are letting me go two weeks now.  I’m obviously to call should I experience any signs of labor before then though.  We are also waiting on the steroids for now.  Plan is to give those at the first sign of further shortening, or any labor signs.

Baby still looks great!  She was breach on the ultrasound this morning, which explains all the strange vibrating sensations I’ve been feeling lately!  The little stinker was repeatedly kicking my cervix throughout the ultrasound 🙂  Her heart rate was perfect at 140 bpm.

I still feel a bit like a ticking time bomb, but for now, all is well 🙂

15 thoughts on “Holding Steady

  1. I’m so glad to hear your cervix didn’t get any shorter! I hope that you don’t feel any labor signs in the next two weeks and that when they check it there’s no greater cause for concern. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping baby is able to go full term!


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