I’m in Cedar Falls today to visit two potential daycare centers. Don’t get too excited, both have two-year wait lists, so clearly this isn’t anything I can set up soon, but I figured getting on some lists was a good idea for the future. I’ll update with my impressions after the visits. Wish me luck as I have little clue what to even ask! I’ll just get a feeling when I walk in, right? Like, hells no I’m not leaving my child here… Or, this place seems safe! Eric and I were originally planning to sign documents with our builder in town today, but something about an abstract not being ready yet, so maybe this weekend or next week for that visit. I guess the more I’m here the better I’ll learn the area! (Yes, I still used my GPS to locate my favorite spot, Panera.)

I don’t have much news in babyland… Thankfully she is still safely inside, although from the kicks to my cervix I swear she is asking to be evicted. I don’t feel any different since my last checkup on Tuesday, so I’m assuming no changes to cervical length, or perhaps I’m just hoping for none. I still feel a lot of tightening in my belly, some days it’s on and off pretty much all day, and still the pressure very low in my abdomen by evening. Could be worse I suppose. I’ll admit though, I haven’t been very good about resting at night, just seems like so much to do between laundry and cleaning and taxes and errands…

I did book a maternity and newborn photographer, Cara Hocking. Check out her site and let me know what you think if you have a minute.  I got tons of awesome recommendations through a post on Facebook and thus I checked all their sites, examined their portfolios and pricing and basically just picked the one I liked best. Eric does not know yet that I booked a maternity session as well, and now that I think about it, what the heck are the chances he can get off work for that anyway??? Maybe these pregnancy photos will be of just me… Wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I would like a few of him and I together. We’ll see. No dates set for sessions yet, just getting ready to send a deposit for now. I’m excited, as I LOVE photos, but nervous as this is kind of a large investment, and I obviously want them to turn out great.

4 thoughts on “24w4d

  1. love the photographer’s portfolio, good choice! we just booked our maternity and newborn shoots also. i’m still supposed to use my friend if she’s available, but with her crazy schedule and only being able to do it on a weekday when my husband’s not around, figured i’d better a “real” session in case.


  2. Your photographers images are pretty amazing! When I was pregnant I completely stayed away from any and all camera, I only have 1 picture of me pregnant with each one of the boys and looking back I wish I would have done a maternity session. It is such an amazing time of your life that you will never get back. You won’t regret making that appointment!
    How did the daycare hunt go? Were you happy with the places you looked at? I can’t believe they have a two year wait, that is crazy!!! Have you thought about an in home provider. That is all we have ever done, and we have been with the same one for 7 1/2 years. There is a child recourse and referral number you can call and they will give you a complete list of all registered daycare providers in your area.


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