Building Update

I just got off the phone with our builder.  The floor plans for the ‘for now’ house are complete.  They weren’t supposed to be custom, but our builder, being the guy he is, changed a few things for us to make the plans of the spec house a little more exciting.  Bless his heart, he knows me well already!  Check out the main and lower level and let me know what you think.  We’re meeting next week to sign all the papers and hand over some cash.  I’m excited!  We’re still hoping this house will be complete around July 1st so we can move and get settled before Eric starts work.

Main Level
Main Level


Lower Level
Lower Level

10 thoughts on “Building Update

  1. I love the floor plan! Have you thought about flipping the kitchen and master bedroom? That way when you enter from the garage with groceries, etc, you have the kitchen counter right there to plop everything? We have our garage going into a mudroom which leads right into the kitchen, which has been nice! I also see the value in having the master away from the other bedrooms, but if this will only be your house for a few years while baby is young, it may be a good think to have all 3 on the same side.

    This is just a thought! I do loveee the layout though! 🙂

    Also – I am always so happy to see when you post which means that everything is going well for you and baby is staying safe and snug in your belly!


    1. There are actually quite a few changes I’d make to this floor plan… But… Since our plan is only to live in this house for a year or two while we build the other house we designed, I feel like I shouldn’t change much. The builder designed this plan and agreed to purchase it back from us when our other home is complete. I’m trying to let him have as much control as possible, since he is the one that has to think about resale and such. It’s so hard though, me having so many ideas! But I’m really trying to control myself!


      1. haha! I can only imagine. I love the floorplan though and am glad he came up with a short term solution for you guys. Also nice to see that baby is still comfy and not going anywhere soon!

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