Weekly Pregnancy Update – 26 Weeks

How far along: 26w0d – The start of the 3rd trimester and my 7th month!!!

Baby’s size: 14.41 in., 1.93 lbs., about the size of a papaya.

Total weight gain: Um problem, up 3.1 lbs. this week, so up 15.6 lbs. from egg retrieval.  This can’t happen every week!

26 weeksStretch marks: Nothing new since the start of this pregnancy!

Sleep: I started back on the Unisom a few days ago, just half a tablet at night, and not every night.  Seems to stop my tossing my turning although I tend to feel groggy in the morning.

Symptoms/Feeling: I’m still really stuffy, and for the past two days I’ve felt super sick in the car, motion sickness I guess.  This morning I still feel a little sick though.  Please tell me morning sickness doesn’t return in the 3rd trimester!  Has anyone else noticed this?

Best moment of this week: I spent Saturday shopping out-of-town with my mom.  We had a wonderful day browsing lots of adorable items for baby girl!  I’m so excited to see my mom with her granddaughter!

Miss anything: Easily getting out of bed, leaning over, breathing, my waist, clear skin, the list goes on and on.  I wouldn’t change any of it though!  So far pregnancy is both the strangest and most wonderful experience of my life!

Movement: Oh yes, she definitely has sleep and wake cycles!  I have to assume her feet are still down most of the time, as I feel like she is kicking my cervix often!

Food cravings: Still eating two oranges every night!

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: The next ultrasound to recheck my cervix is this Thursday, February 26th.  Very anxious to see the measurement.  I have a strange feeling these checks will stop soon, as aren’t we getting to the point where if she is born early so be it?

Belly button in or out: Still in but I fear it won’t stay that way, which terrifies me!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy or moody most of the time: I have moments of both.  Definitely feeling more anxious about her arriving, wondering if I have what we really need, if I’m prepared, what I should pack for the hospital, etc.  And then of course the rest of my life, three more months at this job, preparing to move, and everything that goes with learning a new city.  So much change all at once.  I really hope I can handle it all while staying sane…

Looking forward to: This afternoon Eric and I are finally meeting with the builder to sign paperwork and hand over cash.  The building of our ‘for now’ house will begin next week!  (Is it weird I’m calling it our ‘for now’ house?)

Purchases for baby:  On Saturday with my mom I purchased this diaper bag, which I love, how bright it is, it’s so me.  I fear the fabric isn’t very functional though…  How soon before something stains it?? 

Eric’s reactions:  Eric was on this site last night searching for funny onesies.  I would never think to order such items, but it was cute to see him so excited to dress our little girl.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Pregnancy Update – 26 Weeks

  1. congrats on entering the 3rd trimester! this is the fun one (not! hahaha at least not for me;) ) just wondering, how did you make the “Baby A’s Belly Pictures” widget in the right tool bar area?


  2. Ooh love the diaper bag! We’re so limited for choices here in New Zealand with things like that. You’ll find baby wipes had a multitude of uses which includes taking marks off things like diaper bags (and carpets, walls, clothing, car interior :)) My bags don’t tend to get marked up any more than a handbag would. With morning sickness, with my first i found mine went away about 21 weeks and came back 30 weeks but I also found my preggy vitamins were messing with my stomach by that stage and as soon as I changed them to night time things eased up a little. Best of luck on Thursday x


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