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Last Day @ UIHC

Today my boss asked me to send her an email to officially give notice of termination…  I wasn’t exactly prepared to pick a date, somehow I figured I could simply work until baby girl falls out, er, is born I mean 🙂  My boss has other ideas though, mainly hiring my replacement, which she can’t do until I give her my employment end date.  So it’s official, my last day at UIHC will be May 15th.

14 thoughts on “Last Day @ UIHC

  1. Not that you will be counting down or anything.

    1. Oh, heavens no! Haha!

      1. I’m actually surprised you are going that long given your thoughts on your job. More fortitude than I’d have!

        1. Well, I’m secretly hoping my cervix causes more issues so I can find a way to get out of here sooner. How bad am I???

          1. Honestly with your measurement I think you could get your doctor say that you need to be home now if you asked them to!

            1. We shall see tomorrow!!

  2. I’m glad you now have a last day in sight. That has to be nice 🙂 Your days of workplace boredom and having to deal with N and Debbie Downer are numbered!

  3. Exciting! Please remind me, what is your actual due date? I can’t get WordPress to function in my office and I can’t see it on my phone. I would be so happy to have an end date from that workplace.

    1. June 1st is my official due date!

      1. Wow that isn’t giving yourself much time off before hand. Of course plenty could happen between now and then to speed up your departure. 😉

  4. Congrats on an end date! Hope time passes quickly!

  5. Oh yay!!! Less than 3 months to go!

    1. I’m so excited!!!

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