Moments of Insanity

My moments of insanity are occurring more frequently these days…  Pregnancy hormones??

Yesterday Eric and I were supposed to meet our builder at 2pm an hour and a half north of our home to sign the purchase and construction agreement.  Eric and I had agreed to meet at 11:30am at home, as we were both planning to work the morning, and then drive together, hopefully leaving town by noon.  During my drive home from work my car started acting a little funny, wouldn’t always accelerate when I pressed on the gas, jerked forward a few times, sounded like it was going to die…  Keep in mind this car is not old enough to be acting this way!  I made it home by 11:30am though, beating Eric.  I called his cell to ask him about the car, no answer.  Sent him a text, no response.  Panicking about the car I called a few auto repair shops and found one which told me I could drop it off immediately and they’d take a look.  It was 12:15pm by the time the car was checked in, and still no word from Eric.  Long story short, he did finally text back, his case started late and took longer than expected, of course!  So he ran home, changed clothing, and picked me up to head out-of-town.  I’m panicking of course at this point, as I hate being late, in fact, I’d prefer to be early for everything!  Eric wasn’t nearly as concerned though, encouraging me to ‘just email the builder and tell him we’ll be late,’ as if the builder had nothing else going on today…  And he did, he needed to pick up his daughter from school by 3:30pm, obviously shortening our time together considering our tardiness.

In the end everything worked out…  We signed all the paperwork, handed over some cash, and left before the builder was expected at his daughter’s school.  And the basement will be dug this Friday!!  And we even made it back into town to pick up my car before the shop closed.  So where does the insanity part come in?  Well, while I was sitting at the auto shop waiting to hear from Eric all I could think was, working full-time right now is just too much for me with everything else.  I really wanted to call my boss and just tell her I was finished with work…  Granted, it’s not stressful, if you’ve been following long you know I’m basically bored at work, but it’s still time I’m required to be there, and thus not available to take care of other items, items which seem so much more important to me currently.  It seems I have baby appointments almost every other week, I’ve been to our new city weekly the past several weeks checking out day cares, God knows I have more organizing and preparation at home for baby’s birth and our move…  My work just isn’t a priority right now.  But every time I tell Eric I really want to quit, his response is always, ‘I know,’ even though his schedule doesn’t allow him to help me, ever, with anything.

Speaking of wanting to quit my job and insanity…  Sunday evening I was on Etsy browsing adorable baby girl headbands, hats, and other accessories when this idea popped in my head, I could make these items myself and sell them online.  I mean, most items are way over-priced, in my opinion, so the profit margin must be decent, right?  No really, I was seriously into this idea.  One minute it hadn’t occurred to me, and the next I was about ready to order a sewing machine and knitting needles online.  (Yes, this is often how I work, remember the high chair I splurged on?  This is also how I acquired my last vehicle, very spur of the moment.)  Anyway, I controlled myself this time, but the general idea hasn’t left my brain yet.  I added a new project page to my website, Stef’s Creative Side, which will have other pages under it, well, once I figure out my creative side.  Might even need to rename the page, we’ll see.  Maybe this will replace my other crazy idea of opening a coffee shop.  Or maybe not.

6 thoughts on “Moments of Insanity

  1. most items are way over-priced, in my opinion

    In fact, most home-made items sold via etsy, etc., are vastly underpriced; once you’ve subtracted the costs of materials and overhead, and then divide the remainder by the number of hours of work, the hourly rate is often shockingly low. People who are selling their products cheaply are often not doing it for the profit.


  2. Can we just go into this venture together, lol? I have a closet full of craft stuff and no time to do anything. Ok I’ll be honest, I have time, but an hour inbetween naps doesn’t seem like much time to dig stuff out, work on something and put it all away again!


    1. Yes, awhile back I thought I was going to get into scrapbooking. Bought a ton of stuff, never made the time. I think you need a dedicated space to lay it all out and leave it out. Maybe you can make the items and I can sell them!!


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