Down to 78 days of work, but am I seriously going to make it???  I officially sent the email to my boss this morning around 9am with my end date…  And by noon coworker N already knew the date.  Like seriously?  He said our boss told him.  How did they possibly have time to discuss my plans so quickly??  Does anyone else find that very odd?  Makes me wonder how often they meet to discuss my exit…  I’m so over that place!

6 thoughts on “Annoyed

        1. Well, I’m sitting here at work, hating being here, wondering again if all this is worth it. I mean granted, I’d have to stop buying unnecessary items for baby if I quit work, but all the ‘stuff’ in the world isn’t really worth being so unhappy.


          1. I agree. And if you do choose to leave early make it known how disappointed you were. You don’t think she’d give you a bad rap if future employer called for reference do you? If anything- maybe mention it to HR


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