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26w3d ~ Last Cervical Check

I’m so hoping today was my last vaginal ultrasound for a long time.  Perhaps until we’re ready for baby number two and thus another IVF cycle.  I’ll worry about that when the time comes though…

Today’s appointment went really well.  My cervix is now measuring 1.3 cm compared to 1.4 cm three weeks ago, therefore my doctor is considering it stable, crediting the progesterone supplements.  The plan now is for me to stay on the progesterone and monitor any changes in how I feel, meaning any signs of pre-term labor.  My weekly cervical measurements will cease, as apparently it’s difficult to measure past this gestational age due to the size of the uterus, and also because baby girl is now viable.  Emergency steroids would still be given if labor seems imminent before 37 weeks.

The only concern my doctor had today was baby’s position, still feet down.  She said it’s possible for baby to change position until around 32 weeks, so I’ll probably have at least one more ultrasound to check her position before delivery.  Has anyone else’s doctor commented on positioning this early?  I guess I just assumed we had weeks yet for her to move and flip.  Doctor did tell me not to panic yet, as there are ways for them to turn the baby.  (That sounds fun!)

All in all, a good appointment.  I did get a few more pictures of baby girl, I’ll post tonight if I remember.  My next appointment is my regular 28 week checkup on March 10th for my glucose screening.

25 thoughts on “26w3d ~ Last Cervical Check

  1. I’ve heard not to be concerned about positioning until about 32 weeks – but I’m seeing a midwife, and they tend to be far less interventionist in general. I know they have only very recently started checking me for his position. Hoping the little lady flips soon!

    1. Thank you, me too, so not wanting a c section.

  2. Yay, I’m glad to hear things are stable! That’s great news. As for baby’s position, I think you have quite a few more weeks before that would be a concern. My acupuncturist said she would want to do treatments between 34-36 weeks if baby is breech as that’s pushing the point of there being enough room for baby to flip, so there’s definitely time.

    1. Good to know, thank you!

  3. Well Bella was also footling breech at 26 weeks and stayed in that position until birth. There are lots of things you can look at online to try and flip her on your own or with non-medical help (stretches, doing somersaults in the pool, moxibustion, etc.). I only did the stretching-type activities and didn’t start until 35 weeks or so because I was scared of doing anything to make my cervix shrink any more before then. Your doctor can do an ECV in the hospital later on but we decided that with all we’d been through, the risks weren’t something we were willing to take on since it only works like 50% of the time. You’ve got plenty of time to think about it and talk it over though and hopefully she still flips on her own!

    1. I’ll have to search online and see what I can find. I’d really prefer not to have a c section!

      1. Yeah I don’t think my doctors really started talking about it until after 32 weeks or so. It’s definitely still too early to worry too much!

  4. My daughter did not turn head down until 36 weeks to the day. I was all set to schedule my c section (which I was not happy about) and at my 36 week appointment.., they found her head down ready to go. And out she came 6 days later!

    1. Good to know! I won’t panic just yet!

  5. Great news on the cervical length — so relieved!!!

    1. Thank you, me too!

  6. So glad everything is stable for you!!

  7. I wouldn’t be too concerned about her position yet, there is lots of time for her to move and flip on her own. When I was pregnant with Derrek one of my worst fears was having a c section, well that is what I ended up having. Then with Damion I had to have a C-section, they didn’t give me a choice to do v-back. I know everyone panics about it, but it wasn’t that bad. If you ever have questions about it, don’t be afraid to ask.
    Glad to hear baby girl is doing good! Can’t wait to see her pictures 🙂

    1. I’ll try not to panic just yet, but if it comes to scheduling a c section, I was definitely have some questions for you!

  8. I think you still have time…that seems pretty early! I don’t remember Annabelle turning until a little later and you will KNOW when it happens lol!

    1. Okay, no laughing, but how will I know??? I definitely know she’s feet down since she is constantly kicking my cervix, and I think I the hard thing under my ribs is her head…

      1. Just imagine instead of the kicking your cervix that you are getting head-butted. There will be no doubt! 😉

  9. I should also say that I did not want a c section, and am planning to VBAC this time, but it wasn’t horrible. When you’ve struggled like we have you are just thankful to have a baby to hold!!

    1. This is true, good point. I need to just focus on her being here and healthy 😉

  10. So glad the length is stable!

  11. definitely too early to say on positioning – the MFM saw me at 26 weeks and noted she was breech but that this was very common at that point. i do plan on checking out more carefully if she’s still breech at my 28-week appointment.

  12. I’m so relieved for you! Babies can be turned at term just not easily. There is a website – spinning babies – with heaps of information on things one can do at home or in the pool etc to encourage baby to turn into position if you’re interested.

    1. I definitely will be googling if she doesn’t turn in a few weeks. I know a C section is not the end of the world, but I’d still rather avoid if I can 🙂

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