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27w2d ~ Better Help

Have any of you heard of Better Help?  It’s an online therapy website, with actual trained counselors, I did check that part!  I’m not sure if you remember or not but I had been seeing a local therapist weekly, but stopped a few months ago as my work schedule seemed to keep getting in the way.  Ridiculous as that seems, since most days I swear I just sit here and stare into space.  Or write blog posts.  Anyway, I miss those hours each week.  And I’m not even sure if I can say my therapist was solving my ‘issues’.  Are they supposed to?  It was more nice to be able to vent and talk without being judged or like I was bringing someone else down with my negativity.

Anyway, I came across this Better Help site which was advertised on some baby website that sends me weekly pregnancy updates, I don’t remember which now…  Check out the site and the FAQs if you’re curious, but the jest of it seems to be that you email back and forth with a trained therapist/counselor, as often as you like, or I guess as often as the therapist has time…  When you first sign up you answer a ton of questions so they can match you with someone suited to your situation, but you can search for a different counselor at any time.  It’s $35 a week for unlimited sessions, or rather emails, and included in that cost is one weekly phone call, although you can pay extra for more calls.  I like that it’s very convenient, but hesitant if this type of therapy can actually be successful.  The first 7 days are free, and I just started my trial today.  So far I sent an introductory email to the therapist I was matched with, just giving her a breakdown of what I’d like to discuss.  That email is below.  I’ll update in a few days and let you know how it’s going, in case others are interested in pursuing such a method.  Who knows, this might be awesome, or it could be awful, but at least you can cancel at any time with the click of a button!

Good morning! I guess I’m a bit hesitant to embark on counseling in this manner, maybe because this is new to me and I’m not sure what to expect…

I stopped seeing a therapist a few months ago because it was difficult to find time with work. I felt like I was always needing to take time off, and that just caused more stress. Also, my therapist spent a lot of our sessions talking about herself, I think she was trying to relate, show that she understood and such, but it just seemed to take away from the time we could focus on me.

My main issues center around my husband and his work schedule. He’s just finishing a urology residency, still working 90+ hours a week. I’m due with our first child June 1st and certainly feeling overwhelmed since he has zero time to help at home, and really very little time to even focus on our relationship. Also, he’s starting a private practice once his residency is complete in June, therefore we are moving about two hours north, which was all his choosing, the location and such I mean. I’m very unclear of how our life will be the next several years, and honestly still rather bitter that I had little say in where we’re moving.

Are these topics you feel you could help me with?  I want to make sure I know what I’m getting into… And whether or not this method of therapy would be helpful for me, or if I should search for a local provider with either evening or weekend hours.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I’m curious how this works out for you. I’ve been toying with the idea of finding a counselor just to talk a few things out but haven’t actually done it yet!

    1. I’ll let you know. Sent my first email this morning, haven’t received anything back yet…

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