Lazy Weekend – 27w6d

Eric and I had an incredibly lazy weekend…  I often wonder how others spend their time…

Eric is on-call this weekend, but since he’s finally made it to the top, he is rarely actually called into the hospital.  Thank God!  It still limits our weekends though, as we can’t travel out of the area or really plan anything lasting more than an hour since the possibility of him needing to go into work is always there.

Eric slept in yesterday while I supervised the DISH Network installer and then he helped me put together an organizational piece of furniture for baby’s room.  Another item that will last maybe a year!  I really need to stop buying ‘fake wood’ furniture!  This cubie actually looks pretty cute with pink totes, but who knows if it will match anything in our next home!  My next purchase, a glider/rocker.  I have my eye on this one, but it’s rather pricey, and without actually being able to test it out, well, who knows if I’d like it.  Does anyone have a Monte glider, do you love it??

Eric is home working on patient notes, the surgery schedule, with what I can only assume is a side of the American History channel. I’m just finishing at Panera, my weekly ‘me time’. Next I’m off to Target and then Hy-Vee to pick up a few groceries. What is everyone else doing on this gorgeous day??

Oh, and proactive me already installed the car seat base in my car yesterday.  The company’s website bragged how it takes less than three minutes, and yes, this is true, but the darn thing has three guides which need to display green to prove it is installed correctly.  For the life of me, I can only get two to shine green.  Darn thing.  I guess I better watch the online tutorial!

6 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend – 27w6d

  1. Sounds nice! We spent a ton of time outside today as it was sunny and in the upper 60s! I made curtains for baby’s room and Lance hung them but other than that the room is still totally empty until we move the dresser, crib, and rocker from Bella’s room!

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    1. So yes, I finally got three greens… But, I still fear the thing is in wrong, as now it’s so tight with the latch that the part of the base that should rest on the front part of the seat is almost floating above it!


      1. Is there a fire station nearby, or are you a part of any soon-to-be mommy groups on FB? A lot of times there are lots of certified car seat checkers or something like that (I can’t remember the proper title 🙂 ). They might be able to take a second look and give you some peace of mind!

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