Weekly Pregnancy Update – 28 Weeks

How far along: 28w0d

Baby’s size: 15.2 in., 2.54 lbs., about the size of a winter squash.  Um, the picture looks more like a pumpkin.  Same thing??  The pumpkins I’ve seen are huge though!

Total weight gain: Actually down this week 0.9 lbs., so up 16.5 lbs. from egg retrieval.  Maybe the sugar-free lattes are working!

28 weeksStretch marks: The skin on my stomach looks interesting

Sleep: Awful!  I slept all of maybe two hours later night.  The bathroom breaks are up to four times a night, and I just can’t get comfortable, my hips seem to ache no matter how I lay, pillows and all.

Symptoms/Feeling: I have a few I think are strange, but maybe others have these too…  My pubic bone seriously hurts.  Eric tells me this is normal, but what the heck does he know??  And my heels hurt when I walk.  And my belly still feels tender to the touch, especially on the sides, like it’s bruised.

Best moment of this week: Seeing that I lost weight this morning!  I feel like I gained way too much the previous two weeks, so maybe getting back on track now!

Miss anything: Sleeping on my stomach.  I really can’t wait to do that again!

Movement: Yep!  She’s quite active when I’m relaxing or after I’ve had something especially sweet to eat.

Food cravings: I just want food, and lots of it!  Also, my obsession with oranges continues, and strawberries now too!

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: I’m really hoping my cervix is still at 1.3 cm.  I honestly kind of miss the ultrasounds to check on it…

Belly button in or out: In, but looking more odd by the day.

Wedding rings on or off: On, but tight by evening.

Happy or moody most of the time: I was a little moody over the weekend.  Eric was on-call and worked a lot at home while I busied myself organizing baby’s room, buying groceries, and cleaning.  Cleaning is never fun.

Looking forward to: My birthday is this Wednesday the 11th, and while birthdays are always exciting, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about turning 35…  I used to think 35 was old, but I certainly don’t feel old!

Purchases for baby:  Still in search of a glider.  Besides the one I posted about yesterday, I also like this one from Pottery Barn.  I need to call and see where the closest location is that carries it so I can try it out!

Eric’s reactions:  I’m a little sad that Eric probably won’t be able to join me for any more of my appointments…  He’s just too busy with work, which totally sucks, but I suppose I should be used to his schedule by now.  He just happens to have May 16th – May 24th off, planned way before we knew we were pregnant.  Wishful thinking I can have baby girl a little early so he’ll have time off with me???

14 thoughts on “Weekly Pregnancy Update – 28 Weeks

  1. this is awesome. I love seeing your progression – and my pubic / pelvis bones hurt too!!! It feels like i’m going against the laws of nature when I attempt to cross my legs. I feel your pain!!! I have a question for you… I feel like you posted awhile back that you bought the UppaBaby Vista. I’ve been eyeing the Bugaboo, but the UppaBaby also intrigues me. What made you decide on the UB?? and why the Vista? I’m actually eyeing the UB Cruz, as I know I will only have one child. Let me know. Thank you!! xo


    1. I do have the Uppababy Vista stroller and the Uppababy Mesa car seat!! And while I haven’t actually used them yet, hehe, I love them! They click together so awesome, everything feels super sturdy and high quality! I looked at the Bugaboo as well and was very tempted, but if I remember correctly they don’t make car seats and maybe I’m weird but I wanted a matching set that I knew would work well together. I think the Cruz is basically the same as the Vista but doesn’t expand. I really want more children and soon so figured the Vista was a better option for us. I really think you will love the Uppababy products, but honestly, the Bugaboo is probably awesome too!


  2. Pubic bone thing- I have it. It’s terrible. It kills when I lift a leg to put pants on. Getting in and out of our cars- a tahoe and a 4dr Jeep on a lift- does NOT feel good. Also, sometimes when I roll over it pops kind of!!!!!! RN said totally normal. From the relaxin. I hate it.


      1. I put a heating pad on low with it sometimes after a marathon shopping day :)) and nothing stinks more than asking the doc about these pains and them saying its normal. Give me a solution other than birth darn it!!!!


  3. We have the PB kids comfort glider and I really like it. Not sure if that’s the look you’re going for, but just thought I’d mention it 🙂


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